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Procedure for Identification and Preliminary Authorization of Major Capital Projects

Approval Date: 2016-12-06

Effective Date: 2016-12-06

Responsible Unit: Department of Facilities Management


1. Major Capital Projects may be identified through a number of avenues including but not restricted to:

a. The campus master planning process;
b. Special funding opportunities;
c. Research activities;
d. Unit initiatives; and
e. Capital Deferred Renewal Programs.

2. A requirement for a Major Capital Project may be identified at other levels such as a unit head or primary researcher. In these instances, the requester must obtain project sponsorship at the Dean, Director, or Associate Vice-President or Vice-President level.

3. A project must have a Project Sponsor. Based on the nature of the project requirement, the Project Sponsor could be:

a. The President;
b. Vice-President or Associate Vice-President;
c. A Dean, Director, or equivalent; or
d. Members of Campus Facilities Management.

4. The Project Sponsor is responsible for preparation and submission to VPC of a Preliminary Capital Project Proposal Summary. That submission must include:

a. Project description;
b. Justification for the project (citing safety, legislative, academic/program need, technical requirements, etc.);
c. Functional and/or technical outline of the project including the proposed space type, size, occupancy, and function;
d. Preliminary estimate prepared by Campus Facilities Management that reflects the functional outline and documents the basis and assumptions under which the estimate has been prepared. Estimates will follow an approved template and include all aspects of the project including design, construction, equipment and projected operating costs. (Complete Preliminary Project Estimate); and
e. Proposed funding source(s).

5. On recommendation of the Associate Vice-President (Facilities), VPC reviews the Preliminary Major Capital Project Proposal Submission for content and confirmation of alignment with institutional plans.

6. The CPDC reviews the Preliminary Major Capital Project Proposal, and based on a recommendation from VPC assigns an overall priority rating, adds as required to the planning priorities list, and forwards it to the Board of Regents for information purposes and identification of any related issues or comments. This assigned priority ranking is communicated to VPC, the Project Sponsor and the Associate Vice-President (Facilities), who maintains all associated records.

7. A regular report is prepared by the Director of Engineering and Construction, Facilities Management and submitted through the Associate Vice-President (Facilities) to VPC to confirm the status of all Preliminary Major Capital Project Proposals.


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