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Procedure for Selecting a Prime Consultant via a Request-for-proposals Process

Approval Date: 2015-12-03

Effective Date: 2015-12-03

Responsible Unit: Department of Facilities Management


1. Prime Consultants are selected through a Request-for-Proposals process. Facilities Management determines the type of consulting service required and develops a Project Brief for use in the selection process outlined below. Facilities Management retains the Prime Consultant.

2. Facilities Management recommends to the Associate Vice-President (Facilities) a Selection Advisory Committee consisting of:

  • The Director of Engineering and Construction and/or designate,
  • Representatives of both the stakeholder groups and Project Management Team, and
  • Others as appropriate for the project

3. Individuals who are recommended for the SAC must be aware of and comply with the University’s Conflict of Interest policy.

4. The Associate Vice-President (Facilities) approves the membership of the SAC.

5. Facilities Management invites candidate Prime Consultants to submit a brief indicating the makeup and expertise of the architectural and/or engineering team (including subconsultants) proposed for the project, the understanding of the proposed project, the manner in which the work is intended to be performed, and the fee structure.

6. The SAC independently reviews and evaluates the submissions and may interview the candidate Prime Consultants and subconsultants. A shortlist of qualified Prime Consultants is developed. 

7. Presentations may be requested from shortlisted Prime Consultants and subconsultants in order to make the final recommendation for negotiation of a contract.

8. The SAC prepares a report on its findings which clearly identifies the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate Prime Consultant and includes a recommendation of the preferred Prime Consultant. The report is forwarded for review by the Associate Vice-President (Facilities) and recommendation to VPC and for further recommendation to the Board of Regents, through the President, regarding approval of the Prime Consultant.

9. The Board of Regents considers the report, associated information and recommended preferred candidate and appoints the Prime Consultant, which is communicated to Facilities Management, who communicates the decision to all proponents.

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