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Procedure for Receiving an Information Request

Approval Date: 2010-05-13

Effective Date: 2010-05-13

Responsible Unit: Information Access and Privacy Office


1. Employees determine whether an information request involves:

a. general information
b. personal information of an employee, student or other person
c. third party business information

If employees are unsure of the nature of the information request, they contact their supervisor or the Information Access and Privacy (IAP) Office for advice.

2. If the request is for general information, employees :

a. provide the requester with the information in accordance with unit procedures; or
b. assist the requester by suggesting other avenues to obtain the information (e.g. the university website, or referral to other appropriate university sources/units).

3. If the request is for personal information or third party business information, employees:

a. follow unit procedures with respect to release of information, or
b. consult with their supervisor, unit privacy officer, or the IAP Office to determine what information, if any, can be released.

4. If the requested information cannot be released, employees advise requesters that they may file a formal request under the ATIPP Act through the IAP Office.

Policies using this procedure: