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Procedure for Making a Capital Equipment Purchase

Approval Date: 2006-05-23

Effective Date: 2021-07-09

Responsible Unit: Department of Financial and Administrative Services


Procedure for Making a Capital Equipment Purchase:

Any equipment, tools, instruments or appliances used within Memorial’s facilities must be compliant with all regulatory requirements related to certification/listing by recognized agencies, pressure vessel act/regulations and similar. Prior to purchasing any equipment, purchasers must complete the equipment purchase checklist found here and follow any associated direction outlined in the checklist.  If there are any questions or concerns with the checklist, purchasers are encouraged to consult with Facilities Management and/or Technical Services to confirm compliance and to ensure that any special installation requirements can be accommodated. 

For purchases in excess of $25,000, an approved CAPITAL EQUIPMENT PURCHASES SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION form  is required and must accompany the purchasing documentation.

Policies using this procedure: