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Administrative Leave for Academic Administrators

Approval Date: 2016-03-17

Effective Date: 2016-03-17

Review Date: 2020-03-17


Provost and Vice-President (Academic)


To govern the granting of periods of leave for Academic Administrators.


Academic Administrators other than those on the Executive Pay Scale.


Academic Administrator — An Academic Staff Member who is appointed to an administrative role in an Academic Unit or is appointed to a senior administrative office. Academic Administrators are excluded from MUNFA.

Academic Unit — Refers to a centre, department, division, faculty, program or school, other than an administrative unit, as the context requires and as defined in the University Calendar.

Administrative Leave — Is for academic renewal for re-entry to academic duties at the conclusion of the administrative appointment.

Administrative Stipend — An amount beyond the base salary and any market differential, paid during the term of the administrative appointment.

ASM — Academic Staff Member. An employee whose terms and conditions of employment are defined in the MUN-MUNFA Collective Agreement.


The authority for approving Administrative Leave rests with the Board of Regents and any delegated authorities of its Human Relations Committee.

I. Conditions
Administrative Leave is granted only where the expectation is that the Academic Administrator will resume academic duties for a period of time equal to the length of the leave.

During the Administrative Leave, the Academic Administrator receives salary or 95% of salary plus aresearch grant of 5%. No Administrative Stipend is paid to an Academic Administrator on Administrative Leave.

Time spent on Administrative Leave shall not be considered as service towards the term of the administrative appointment.

Normally, Administrative Leave shall be taken at the conclusion of the term(s) of administrative appointment. Deferring Administrative Leave requires approval of the Provost and Vice-President(Academic) or Vice-President (Grenfell Campus), as applicable. Under no circumstance, shall Administrative Leave be deferred more than twelve (12) months.

II. Criteria
The granting of Administrative Leave is in accordance with the following criteria:

A. Administrative Leave of four (4) months shall be granted to those Academic Administrators whose initial appointment was for three years, and who have completed one term.

B. Administrative Leave of twelve (12) months shall be granted to Academic Administrators whose initial appointment was for a period of three years, and the Academic Administrator has completed two full terms of three years each.

C. Administrative Leave of twelve (12) months shall be granted to Academic Administrators whose initial appointment was for a period of five years, and the Academic Administrator has completed the five-year term.

D. Administrative Leave of up to twenty-four (24) months shall be granted to Academic Administrators whose initial appointment was for a period of five years, and the Academic Administrator has completed two five-year terms. Academic Administrators shall be eligible for Administrative Leave of twelve months after completing the initial five-year term and a second twelve-month Administrative Leave after completing a second five-year term. Alternatively, if the Academic Administrator chooses not to take Administrative Leave after completion of the first five-year term or less than twelve months Administrative Leave is taken, the remaining Leave, up to six months, may be carried forward and taken after completion of the second five-year term, subject to a maximum eligibility of eighteen months.

E. Administrative Leave is prorated in cases where the Academic Administrator serves a partial subsequent term after completing the initial appointment.

III. Carryover of Sabbatical Eligibility
The University recognizes that prospective Academic Administrators who are currently employed at the University may have accrued years of service toward sabbatical leave. Such years may be carried forward when the Academic Administrator re-enters the bargaining unit, in accordance with the MUN-MUNFA Collective Agreement.

IV. Relationship to Sabbatical Leave
Where an Academic Administrator has not served enough time in an administrative appointment to qualify for Administrative Leave, the period of service as an Academic Administrator may be considered eligible service towards sabbatical leave. Accrual of service towards sabbatical leave following Administrative Leave begins with the first year of normal academic duties following return from the Administrative Leave.

V. Designating a Portion of Salary as Research Grant
An Academic Administrator applying for Administrative Leave is also eligible to apply for a research grant of up to 5% of basic annual salary prorated for the length of the leave provided the total does not exceed 100% of salary. As with the approval of the sabbatical leave, the authority for approving designating a portion of salary as a research grant rests with the Board of Regents and any delegated authorities of its Human Relations Committee.

In addition, an Academic Administrator on leave for any length of time at full or at reduced salary may apply through the Office of Research Grant and Contract Services to have a portion of basic annual salary (prorated for the length of the leave) designated as a research grant in accordance with the University’s policies and subject to Canada Revenue Agency regulations.

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For inquiries related to this policy:

Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic): 709-864-8246

Sponsor: Provost and Vice-President (Academic)

Category: Academic Affairs

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Approval Date 2011-10-20   Effective Date 2011-10-20
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Procedure for Applying for Administrative Leave

Approval Date: 2016-03-17

Responsible Unit: Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic)

1. An Academic Administrator seeking Administrative Leave will prepare a request, in writing, using the Application for Administrative Leave form and including:

a. the period of their proposed leave including commencement date and end date;
b. their plan of activities during the leave including: location of the leave, the scope and aims of the Administrative Leave, and activities for preparing to resume a full teaching load and research or professional activity;
c. their up-to-date curriculum vitae;
d. a copy of the report of their last sabbatical or Administrative Leave, where applicable; and
e. an identification of arrangements for students being supervised, where applicable.

2. The Provost and Vice-President (Academic) or the Vice-President (Grenfell Campus), as applicable, must be satisfied that there is congruence between the applicant's plan and the needs of the Academic Unit.

3. The request should be submitted as early as practicable before the anticipated commencement ofthe Administrative Leave so that sufficient time is available for consideration and approval of the request.