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Travel - Relocation and Removal

Approval Date: 2008-12-11

Effective Date: 2013-04-09

Review Date: 2020-12-11


Vice-President (Administration and Finance) through the Department of Financial and Administrative Services.


To identify and provide for proper control over expenses arising from relocation and removal of personal and scholarly effects of new employees to minimize costs to both the employee and the University, to increase mover care and concern, and to reduce the time involved in processing any damage claims resulting from the move.


All employees of the University who are eligible to be reimbursed for removal and relocation expenses as provided by their terms and conditions of employment and collective agreements, where applicable.


Personal Effects — Refers to normal household goods and effects such as furniture, clothing, and items of a personal nature. Personal effects do not include motor vehicles, boats, antique collections, pets, unusually heavy hobby items and the like. The normal weight of personal effects for a family of four is in the range of 8,000 - 10,000 pounds.

Relocation — Refers to the travel, accommodation, and per diem expenses for a newly appointed employee and the new employee's spouse and dependent children.

Removal — Refers to the move of the newly appointed employee's personal and scholarly effects.

Scholarly Effects — Refers to scholarly and technical books, and technical equipment relevant to the newly appointed employee's scholarly activity.

Unit Head — For the purpose of this policy, Unit Head means Dean, Director, Executive Director, the University Librarian, the University Registrar, Associate Vice-President and Vice-President as per the circumstance.


A. Removal of Personal and Scholarly Effects

1. Selection of Carrier
a) The University will select, by competitive bid, a mover to handle University moves.

b) The Department of Financial and Administrative Services provides a service to individuals being moved by arranging for removal of personal and scholarly effects through the selected carrier, in cooperation with the prospective employee. New employees are urged to use this service.

2. Amount reimbursed
As approved by the Unit Head, and in accordance with the various collective agreements in effect, newly appointed or transferred employees, with whom the University has agreed to reimburse removal expenses shall be reimbursed for:

a) Up to 100 per cent of the cost of moving normal personal effects of the appointee and spouse and dependent children as determined by the University mover.  The normal weight for personal effects is estimated at 8,000 - 10,000 pounds for a family of four.  The percentage to be paid will be stated in the letter of appointment.  In special circumstances and when recommended by the Unit Head, the cost of removal of excessive weights for personal effects may be paid subject to the approval of the respective Vice-President.

b) Should an employee choose not to utilize the services of the University's selected carrier the University will reimburse the employee on the following basis:

to a maximum of:

3. Scholarly and Technical Books, and Technical Equipment
The cost of moving all scholarly and technical books, and technical equipment relevant to the Academic Staff Member's (ASM) scholarly activity, shall be reimbursed.  Signed authorization from the Unit Head for the moving of any technical equipment shall be secured before the move is authorized.

4. Personal Motor Vehicle
The costs related to the shipment of personal motor vehicles are normally not eligible for reimbursement. However; if there are extenuating circumstances, subject to the discretion and prior approval of the Unit Head, the employee may be reimbursed for the shipment of one personal motor vehicle.

5. Expenses not claimable:

a) Storage and storage handling charges.
b) House cleaning of new or old residence.

B. Relocation Expenses

1. As approved by the Unit Head and in accordance with the various collective agreements in effect, a newly appointed or transferred employee shall be reimbursed for actual relocation costs supported by receipts as follows:

a) Airfare to a maximum cost of economy airfare, for the appointee, spouse and dependent children from his/her then place of residence prior to appointment to his/her normal place of employment as defined by the University. Air travel should be booked as early in advance as possible in order to increase the possibility of obtaining the most economical fare.


b) If the appointee travels by private motor vehicle, or by other than the most direct route, he/she will be reimbursed the actual cost of travel, including meals and accommodation enroute, up to the amount outlined in B.1.a). Vouchers covering travelling expenses must be produced when the reimbursement is claimed.

c) The cost for a hotel or private accommodations for a combined total of up to 7 nights, at either his/her then place of residence or upon arrival at the normal place of employment as defined by the University. Reimbursement for private accommodations may be approved by the Unit Head as per the rates outlined in the Schedule of Reimbursable Expenses.  At the discretion of the Unit Head, the maximum 7 nights may be combined with the maximum 3 nights provided for in the policy on Travel - Familiarization Visit for a maximum combined total of 10 nights See Travel - Familiarization Visit policy.

d) Meals will be reimbursed as per the Schedule of Reimbursable Expenses. (for children 12 years or younger, the University will reimburse the maximum of 50 per cent of the applicable per diem rate).

2. Immigration Expenses

Work visa application fees, permanent resident application fees, and permanent resident application fees for spouse and dependent children, payable to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, may be reimbursed subject to budgetary requirements and pre-approval by the Unit Head.  In accordance with Canada Revenue Agency Guidelines, any amount reimbursed for immigration expenses will be considered a taxable benefit to the employee.

3. Expenses not claimable

a) Expenses such as valet service, long distance telephone calls, beverage bills, entertainment, laundry, car rentals, etc., are not claimable.
b) Passport expenses
c) Excess baggage costs are only claimable where it can be demonstrated that this is a cost effective means of moving such baggage and the contents thereof are personal or scholarly effects

C. Repayment to University

If the appointee fails to complete two years of service he/she is responsible to repay to the University 50 per cent of relocation and removal expenses reimbursed or paid by the University.

D. Advances

The University does not make advances to cover transportation costs to the applicable campus.  If it is impossible for the employee to purchase the tickets for personal travel alternate arrangements may be arranged subject to the approval of the Unit Head.

E. Purchase Order

The Department of Financial and Administrative Services will arrange for the provision of official cost estimates and issue a purchase order through the local representative of a named moving company and/or arrange to provide tickets for personal travel from place of ordinary residence to the applicable campus. The purchase order issued will cover the total cost of the estimate and the employee will be billed for their portion if applicable.

F. University Liability

In providing financial assistance for moving expenses, the University does not assume any liability nor will it be held responsible for injury or loss which may arise during or as a result the move to the applicable campus.

An application for relocation and removal costs not provided for under this policy must be made to the respective Vice-President.


For inquiries related to this policy:

Financial and Administrative Services 709-864-2597

Sponsor: Vice-President (Administration & Finance)

Category: Finance

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Approval Date 2008-12-11   Effective Date 2008-12-11
Approval Date 0000-00-00   Effective Date 0000-00-00

Procedure for Relocation and Removal

Approval Date: 2014-07-25

Responsible Unit: Department of Financial and Administrative Services

It is the responsibility of the Department of Financial and Administrative Services to make arrangements for relocation and removal in cooperation with the prospective employee.

1. Notification of Newly-Appointed Employee

a. Unit Heads should discuss the appropriate University policy and procedures in respect of relocation and removal expenses with the prospective candidates for appointment. 
b. The Secretary to the Board of Regents or the Director of Human Resources or the Director of Faculty Relations will ensure that all letters of appointment include a copy of the University's Travel - Relocation and Removal policy.
c. Arrangements with respect to moving expenses should be detailed in appointment letters. A copy of the appointment letter will serve as authority for the employee to incur and the Department of Financial and Administrative Services to process the payment for moving expenses and charge the unit's budget.

2. Removal expenses

a. It is the responsibility of the appointee to contact the Staff Accountant - Household Removal at 709-864-2597 (Department of Financial and Administrative Services) to make arrangements with the University appointed moving company for removal expenses. 
b. The University will make all moving arrangements and obtain all the required quotations as needed. 
c. The University will contact the local agents of the van lines in St. John's who will, in turn, contact local agents near the present address of the new appointee to arrange a visit to the new appointee's home.
d. The agent will prepare a quotation for the University. Upon review by the University and the new appointee, the University will advise the agent to proceed with the move and issue a purchase order. 
e. The University will be responsible for paying the moving company's invoice for removal of the personal effects and the scholarly effects. 
f. Department of Financial and Administrative Services will invoice the new appointee for their portion of the moving company's invoice, if applicable. The appointee has 10 days to remit payment for their invoice. 
g. If the newly appointed employee chooses to use another moving company, arrangements will normally be made by the employee and reimbursed to the employee after removal.

3. Reimbursement of Relocation expenditures

After arrival at the applicable campus, the new employee will submit a request for reimbursement on the "Staff Settlement Claim" form to the financial or administrative officer within the unit.

Original vouchers covering travelling expenses, (i.e. airline tickets, gas receipts, hotel bills, ferry charges and meals) must accompany the Staff Settlement Claim Form. In accordance with Canada Revenue Agency Guidelines credit card receipts do not qualify as a receipt except for gasoline purchases. The meal per diem is outlined in the Schedule of Reimbursable Expenses.

If the employee is claiming for costs in lieu of airfare, a quotation for the applicable economy airfare must be attached.