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Procedure for Relocation and Removal

Approval Date: 2014-07-25

Effective Date: 2014-07-25

Responsible Unit: Department of Financial and Administrative Services


It is the responsibility of the Department of Financial and Administrative Services to make arrangements for relocation and removal in cooperation with the prospective employee.

1. Notification of Newly-Appointed Employee

a. Unit Heads should discuss the appropriate University policy and procedures in respect of relocation and removal expenses with the prospective candidates for appointment. 
b. The Secretary to the Board of Regents or the Director of Human Resources or the Director of Faculty Relations will ensure that all letters of appointment include a copy of the University's Travel - Relocation and Removal policy.
c. Arrangements with respect to moving expenses should be detailed in appointment letters. A copy of the appointment letter will serve as authority for the employee to incur and the Department of Financial and Administrative Services to process the payment for moving expenses and charge the unit's budget.

2. Removal expenses

a. It is the responsibility of the appointee to contact the Staff Accountant - Household Removal at 709-864-2597 (Department of Financial and Administrative Services) to make arrangements with the University appointed moving company for removal expenses. 
b. The University will make all moving arrangements and obtain all the required quotations as needed. 
c. The University will contact the local agents of the van lines in St. John's who will, in turn, contact local agents near the present address of the new appointee to arrange a visit to the new appointee's home.
d. The agent will prepare a quotation for the University. Upon review by the University and the new appointee, the University will advise the agent to proceed with the move and issue a purchase order. 
e. The University will be responsible for paying the moving company's invoice for removal of the personal effects and the scholarly effects. 
f. Department of Financial and Administrative Services will invoice the new appointee for their portion of the moving company's invoice, if applicable. The appointee has 10 days to remit payment for their invoice. 
g. If the newly appointed employee chooses to use another moving company, arrangements will normally be made by the employee and reimbursed to the employee after removal.

3. Reimbursement of Relocation expenditures

After arrival at the applicable campus, the new employee will submit a request for reimbursement on the "Staff Settlement Claim" form to the financial or administrative officer within the unit.

Original vouchers covering travelling expenses, (i.e. airline tickets, gas receipts, hotel bills, ferry charges and meals) must accompany the Staff Settlement Claim Form. In accordance with Canada Revenue Agency Guidelines credit card receipts do not qualify as a receipt except for gasoline purchases. The meal per diem is outlined in the Schedule of Reimbursable Expenses.

If the employee is claiming for costs in lieu of airfare, a quotation for the applicable economy airfare must be attached.

Policies using this procedure: