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Effective Date: 2013-04-09

Review Date: 2021-05-01


The Vice-President (Administration and Finance) through the Director of Information Technology Services (ITS); the Vice-President (Grenfell) and the Vice-President (Marine Institute).


To advise the University community regarding telecommunications services.


Applies University-wide, for all telecommunications services, whether paid from University funds or grant funds.


Telecommunications Services — All activity involving telephone lines, telephone sets, cellular devices, telecommunications equipment, long distance services, radio and cellular licenses, telephone calling cards, and telephone features, terminating at all University offices and locations.

Unit Head — For the purpose of this policy, Unit Head means Dean, Director, Executive Director, the University Librarian, the University Registrar, Associate Vice-President and Vice-President as per the circumstance.


The University provides telephone lines, telephone sets, related telephone equipment and other telecommunications services needed to efficiently conduct the affairs of the University.

Information Technology Services is responsible for the ongoing review of all telecommunications services, the introduction of new services or products, and telecommunications strategic planning.

Unit Heads are responsible to ensure compliance with this policy and its related procedures.  This responsibility may be delegated in writing.

An application for deviation from these guidelines may be made to the Vice-President (Administration and Finance) through the applicable Vice-President at the St. John's Campus, or Vice-President (Grenfell Campus) or Vice-President (Marine Institute), where appropriate.

1. Standard Telephone Services

One dedicated telephone line, unrestricted unless otherwise specified, is allocated to private offices. The standard set is a single-line, touch-tone telephone. Where feasible, telephone lines are shared.  Standard features (call hold, call fwd, call park, ring again, 3-way conference, speed call - short list) are included with line installation. Other features, as deemed necessary, are provided upon request. See Procedure for Telephone Service Requests and Procedure for Equipment and Long Distance Charges.

1.1. Toll Restriction
In areas such as laboratories, public areas or similar locations, telephone lines are toll restricted.  Exceptions to this policy will be considered at the request of the Unit Head.

1.2. Multi-Function Systems
Multi-function telephones, providing such features as intercom, multiline appearance, etc., are installed in areas where such service is deemed essential.

1.3. Graduate Students
Each department will provide one dedicated telephone line and set for the use of graduate students.  Requests for this service require the authorization of the appropriate Unit Head.  The requesting department is responsible for all costs associated with this service.

2. Auxiliary Equipment & Services

Auxiliary equipment and services require approval from Telecommunications. Telecommunications equipment must have the approval label of the Federal Department of Communications attached. Telecommunications equipment installed without proper authorization is strictly prohibited. The list of auxiliary equipment and services includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • wireless handheld communications devices such as cellular telephone, blackberry, etc. (refer to Section 9. Cellular Telephone and Wireless Devices);
  • mobile radio;
  • answering machines, terminal adaptors and devices for special needs applications;
  • pagers (voice and nonvoice); and,
  • calling cards.

2.1. Telecommunications Purchases
The acquisition of telecommunications equipment and services, including Tender Calls and Requests for Proposals must be approved by, or coordinated with, Information Technology Services.

3. Relocations

The relocation of telephone lines, sets and related telecommunications equipment must be requested by the appropriate Unit Head.  See Procedure for Telephone Service Requests.

3.1. Removals
An office that is to remain vacant for an extended period (more than five months) should have the telephone service disconnected and removed. Telephone lines that are to be re-installed at a later time should be indicated on the request form as "Reserve for Future Re-installation". See Procedure for Telephone Service Requests.

4. Service Charges and Payments

Departments are responsible for all costs associated with service charges for work related to installation, relocation or repair of telephone equipment and related services.  Exceptions to this policy will be considered upon the request of the appropriate Unit Head.  See 10. Construction.

Information Technology Services formally estimates the departmental budgets for telecommunications network access annual costs, and submits these estimates to the Department of Financial and Administrative Services for the implementation of related commitments.

Information Technology Services maintains an inventory of all telephone lines and related equipment and services which appear on the monthly invoice. See Procedure for Equipment Equipment and Long Distance Charges and Procedure for Telecommunication Services Payments.

5. Long Distance Services

Information Technology Services is responsible for coordinating all activity associated with the provision of long distance services for the University, including the issuance of Tender Calls, and Requests for Proposals, etc. See Procedure for Equipment and Long Distance Charges and Procedure for Telecommunication Services Payments.

5.1. Long Distance Calling Cards

University calling cards may be issued upon request, to Information Technology Services, and with the approval of the Unit Head.

5.2. Personal Long Distance Calls

Personal long distance calls, including facsimile transmissions, are not to be billed to University telephone lines.

6. Radio Licenses

All requests for radio service that require a license from the Federal Department of Communications must be routed through Information Technology Services for approval. Invoices are paid directly from the requesting department's budget by Information Technology Services.

7. Lead-Time Required For Services

The lead-time for work involving up to five telephone lines and/or sets is five working days from the date of issue by Information Technology Services. Six to ten telephone lines/sets requires ten working days. Requests which involve more than ten line/sets are scheduled on a per-request basis.

8. Facsimile

Messages may be sent and received at the Central Fax locations on Campus. Applicable costs and administration charges are removed from the appropriate departmental budget. University facsimile machines are not for personal use.

9. Cellular Telephones and Wireless Devices

Information Technology Services is responsible for all University activity associated with the acquisition and use of cellular telephones and wireless handheld devices using the cellular network. See Procedure for Cellular Usage.

10. Construction

All telephone services and related costs, associated with new construction or renovations, are to be included within the construction project budget. Information Technology Services will assist with project planning for the required telecommunications services.


For inquiries related to this policy:

Information Technology Services (709) 864-8116


Vice-President (Administration & Finance)



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