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Naming Opportunities

Approval Date: 2006-09-14

Effective Date: 2006-09-14

Review Date: 2017-05-01


The Board of Regents through the President


To set forth the University standard which will measure naming requests and ensure that naming decisions are consistent with the University’s mission and receive full consideration.


Applicable University-wide including, but not limited to, requests to attach the name of a person or organization to specific buildings or other physical properties, special programs, academic units, scholarships or other facets of the University or as a condition of a donation of funds.


Facilities/Physical Items — Refers to buildings, gardens, monuments, memorials, rooms and collections (as well as smaller items such as trees and benches).

Scholarships — Refers to scholarships, bursaries, assistantships, fellowships and other forms of financial aid established by the university.

Special Programs/Units — Refers to lectureships, research chairs, and centres.


1.0 Naming Opportunities
1.1 Donors

Memorial University offers donors a range of recognition measures based on the type and size of their gifts. Among these donor recognition measures is the opportunity to name facilities, physical items, special programs/units and scholarships. The naming of special/units does not include academic/degree programs, e.g. Smith Bachelor of Communications. At the discretion of the Board of Regents, it may include faculties/schools/units, e.g. Smith School of Communications or Smith Centre for International Communications.

As a general guideline, naming opportunities will be available to donors when the donor provides 100% of funding for an initiative e.g. a gift of $10,000 towards a lectureship costing $10,000 would qualify for a naming opportunity. An exception to this would be funds donated for major facilities such as buildings, where a guideline of 50% of the cost would apply.

"Late" naming opportunities (i.e. to name existing facilities or programs) will be available to donors when the donor’s gift equals 50% of the current value of an initiative, e.g., the current value of a building or the cost of endowing the program.

1.2 Distinguished Persons

Memorial University names facilities/physical items in honour of distinguished persons who have had an important association with Memorial University or Memorial University College. The names of living persons will be used in only the most exceptional circumstances.

2.0 General Considerations

In all cases, consideration will be given to the appropriateness of the proposed name, consistency with the mission of the university and the purpose of the facility or program proposed for naming.

The design of physical items, such as plaques, memorials and monuments, will also be reviewed for appropriateness and consistency with existing guidelines for University signage and way finding.

3.0 Duration

Naming opportunities will have specific time limits that reflect the nature of the particular facility or program, and the level of funding provided by the donor.

In the case of buildings and other major facilities/physical items, naming will be for a specified duration to ensure appropriate donor recognition and minimize confusion (i.e. in the case of renamed facilities); the duration of the naming period would be subject to negotiation between the donor and the University.

At the conclusion of a naming period, future costs related to the facility or program may be reviewed and an extension of the naming opportunity will be available to the original donor, contingent on additional financial support. Should this donor decline continued involvement; the opportunity may be available to others.

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