Residency Program Committee

Organizational Outline of the Program

Professor and Chairperson

Jeff Flemming, MD, FRCPC

Program Director

Lisa Smyth,  MD, FRCPC, ABR

Research Director

Currently vacant

HSC Residency Coordinator

Melissa Skanes, MD, FRCPC

St. Clare’s Residency Coordinator

Connie Hapgood, MD, FRCPC

Janeway Residency Coordinator

Nicole Hughes, MD, FRCPC

Nuclear Medicine

Jeff Flemming, MD, FRCPC

Medical Physics Coordinator

Edward Kendall, Ph.D

Residency Program Committee


Dr. Lisa Smyth

HSC Residency Coordinators

Dr. Wesley Chan
Dr. Claire Woodworth
Dr. Jennifer Young

St. Clare’s Residency Coordinator

Dr. Eric Pike

Janeway Residency Coordinator

Dr. Nicole Hughes

Nuclear Medicine Coordinator

Dr. Jeff Flemming

Professor and Chair (Ex-officio)

Dr. Wesley Chan

Administrative Resident

Dr. Kieran Lacey and Dr. Hilary Strong

Junior Resident

Currently vancant

Program Administrator

Ms. Melissa Dalton

Program Secretary

Ms. Michelle Penney

Recording Secretary

Ms. Melissa Dalton

The Diagnostic Radiology Residency Training Committee meets approximately every three months throughout the academic year. All major decisions, complaints, and concerns should be voiced and discussed at this meeting. The residents are strongly encouraged to present the residents’ concerns formally at this meeting. Individual residents should bring their concerns to the Administrative Resident and/or to other residents that may be on the Committee. As well, initial discussion should take place at each hospital site with the Residency Coordinator. The Program Director is always available as well.