Our radiology physics education is delivered through the online learning platform “Core Physics Review.”  This provides our residents with 24/7 online access to a comprehensive physics curriculum, tailored specifically to the learning needs of radiology residents, providing them with the necessary tools to master concepts required for the Royal College exam.  Each resident is provided with personalized access to over 24 hours of on-demand physics lectures covering a wide range of essential topics including:

X-Ray Production

X-Ray Interaction

Image Quality






Nuclear Medicine

Radiation Safety


Artifacts: X-Ray, CT, US, MRI

While residents can complete the curriculum and at their own pace, our program has 2-3 full day/multiday physics bootcamps scheduled throughout the year to allow residents to condense and consolidate their learning in a classroom environment.  Through this platform, residents have access to a comprehensive MCQ question bank and a Q & A forum to help enrich their knowledge base.  Residents also have the opportunity to use conference funding/leave to attend the in-person/live physics sessions held in the spring of the year.