Procedure Log

Procedure Log Listing by Rotation:

Recording the procedures, you participated actively in (not observed) is a required part of your residency training. If there are any further questions, please contact your rotation supervisor.


US guided abscess drainage/aspiration
US guided fine needle aspiration other
US guided kidney core biopsy
US guided liver core biopsy
US guided lymph node fine needle aspiration
US guided organ core biopsy other (omentum, lymph node, etc)
US guided paracentesis
US guided thoracentesis tube insertion
US guided thoracentesis fluid drainage through needel
US guided thyroid fine needle aspiration

GI/GU fluoroscopy:

Barium enema
Barium swallow
CT colonography
Gastrograffin swallows on gastric sleeve patients
Modified barium swallow
NG tube insertion under Flouro
Retrograde cystourethrogram
Small bowel follow through
T-tube Cholangiogram
Upper GI series

Body CT:

CT guided abscess drainage
CT guided lymph node / nodule biopsy
CT guided solid organ biopsy
CT guided retroperitoneal mass/lymph node biopsy


Angiography (cerebral)
CT guided paravertebral or vertebral biopsy / aspiration
Lumbar puncture
CT Angiogram Circle of Willis
CT Angiogram Neck


Stereotactic breast core biopsy
Stereotactic needle localization
US guided breast core biopsy
US guided breast cyst drainage
US guided breast fine needle aspiration
US guided lymph node fine needle aspiration
US guided needle localization


CT guided chest biopsy
Insertion of Hemlick valve/tube for pneumothorax


CT guided bone biopsy
CT guided soft tissue biopsy
Fluoroscopic hip and SI joint injection
Fluoroscopic joint injection other
Hip arthrogram
Knee arthrogram
Shoulder arthrogram
US guided bone biopsy
US guided joint aspiration
US guided soft tissue biopsy
Wrist arthrogram

Angio Interventional:

Aortography and angiography (gastrointestinal)
Aortography and peripheral angiography (lower extremity)
Aortography and peripheral angiography (upper extremity)
Biliary tube change
Biliary tube insertion
Central line placement
Dialysis fistulogram
Dialysis line insertion
Femoral puncture
Gastrostomy tube insertion
Hickman catheter insertion
Hickman/Dialysis line removal
IVC filter insertion
IVC filter removal
Neph tube change
Neph tube insertion
Nephrostomy change
PICC line insertion
Port a cath insertion
Port a cath removal


Barium swallow (pediatric)
Barium enema (pediatric)
Intussuception reduction (pediatric)
Loopogram (pediatric)
Modified barium swallow (pediatric)
Nasogastric tube insertion (pediatric)
Nasojejunal tube insertion (pediatric)
Small bowel follow through (pediatric)
Upper GI series (pediatric)
Voiding cystourethrogram – female (pediatric)
Voiding cystourethrogram – male (pediatric)