Selection Criteria

Our candidates must be CaRMS eligible and should have an acceptable academic background with average to above average performance in medical school. A personal letter from each applicant would be helpful to the selection committee.  Electives in radiology and other specialties are expected.  Research experience would be beneficial.  There is no special favoritism given to applicants based on medical school attended.  Applicants from all geographic areas are welcome.  We are looking for a hardworking, self-motivated resident who would get along well with our current residents and enjoy the lifestyle Newfoundland has to offer.


A list of applicants to be interviewed will be short-listed by our selection committee.  These candidates will then be contacted regarding interview appointments.  Interview dates are coordinated with all radiology residency programs across Canada to avoid conflicts for candidates who may be applying to multiple programs across the Country.  The interview will assess the candidate’s communication skills, which are very important in Radiology.  It will assess the candidates regarding the role of Diagnostic Radiology and its place in the medical system.  Candidates who are not strongly considering Radiology should not present themselves for interview.  All interviews will take place over two days, following which the committee will meet to finalize its rank order.