Research Team

Our dedicated research team is primarily composed of the Discipline Research Director (currently vacant position) and Research Assistant, Lauren Gosse. There are also many faculty who are engaged in academic pursuits, who have developed an enormous number of projects, allowing for the research education, not only for the residents within radiology, but also for an even larger number of medical students. These projects have resulted in publications and presentations all over the world.

The faculty have developed projects from a wide array of subspecialty areas within radiology, collaborating with many other specialties. Projects have included clinical secondary use projects, prospective analyses of new techniques and technology as well as medical education projects.

There are tremendous resources available that have come to light from the excellent work of previous residents. This assistance may include help with grant applications, statistics, Human Research Ethic Authority (HREA) submissions, library support, graphic design, and poster design.

Our discipline has been, and continues to be, very productive in academic and scholarly discovery. However, there has been growing research interests, as well as a growing number of local resources for research, and this new program will hopefully make the task of research easier and more enjoyable. If you have any research related questions, I encourage to touch base with the discipline research assistant, or refer to the list of faculty interested in research on the discipline’s home page.

The Health Science Centre Library is an excellent resource for research help and the discipline has its own Liaison Librarian, Michelle SwabIf you are planning your research project, or have questions about any step in the research process, your first stop should be to Research Planning and Publishing.