Memorial's web template

Launched in early 2017, the latest web template is contemporary in style and functional across all mobile devices and browsers.

Besides a mobile-first design, this template follows current web best practices and includes: 

  • intuitive navigation—new masthead with easy access to the highest traffic sites from the main page
  • improved search handling and results—user experience research shows more than 50 per cent of users search first rather than look for a link, 30 per cent look for a link first then search and 20 per cent do both equally
  • improved presentation of text, images, videos and graphics
  • adherence to international web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG 2.0)
  • better reflection of the multi-campus nature of Memorial
  • consistent branding across over 400 university subsites
  • easy-to-use widgets to help users customize content

Since being launched, a number of improvements have been made to this template and will continue to be implemented based on user feedback. 

To move or create a new website on using this template, please submit a request for services.

The new landing page currently looks like this:

A preview of homepage in Template 2016