Updates to MUN.ca

Since Memorial University’s website was redesigned in early 2017, user feedback has been gathered in order to continually refine and update the site. In response to that feedback, a number of changes have been and will continue to be implemented.

Some of those changes include smaller desktop banner images, a more noticeable search bar, and a frequently accessed directories button. The search bar and directories button have already been implemented on MUN.ca, and the new banner size will come into effect on April 4, 2018. More information on the changes can be found below.

Smaller desktop banner images

The size of the desktop banners will be reduced by 20% to a size of 2000 x 800 pixels. All banners that are currently on MUN.ca websites that are 2000 x 1000 will not be impacted by this change, but new desktop banners uploaded to the system will have to be 2000 x 800 pixels. The mobile banner and internal page banner will remain unchanged. For directions on how to use banners, please visit the Site Builder User Guide's banner page.

More noticeable search

The search bar located at the top right of MUN.ca websites is now larger and allows for entering of search terms within the box.

Frequently accessed directories button

The most commonly accessed directories are now found through a “JUMP TO” button found on the top right of the website. Beneath this button you will find links to:

  • A-Z Directory
  • Admissions
  • University Calendar
  • Campus Maps
  • Careers
  • Faculties and Schools
  • International
  • Libraries
  • People and Departments
Why the changes?

After listening to feedback received and further reviewing current web trends, (increase of visitors using mobile devices rather than desktop; audience preferences with respect to scrolling; evolving web standards) we knew these changes were necessary.

Feedback on MUN.ca is always welcomed and can be submitted at any time by clicking on the Web Feedback link found in the footer of all MUN.ca pages. For additional help with any marketing or website needs, please fill out the Marketing Request for Services form.