Web Transformation

Memorial University’s most significant presence in the digital world, mun.ca, is being transformed through two phases.

The website redesign phase brought over 400 university subsites into a mobile-responsive brand template that included many new features. As part of phase two, a new web content management system (CMS), Terminal Four, will be rolled out across Memorial and will provide CMS users with additional tools and functionality.

Phase one: redesign 

A new web template for www.mun.ca was implemented in 2017 under the direction of the Division of Marketing and Communications (MarComm) and Information Technology Services (ITS). This new template was developed through consultation with key stakeholders, tested with diverse user groups, and reviewed against website trends within and outside of the higher education industry. 

The majority of this phase was completed by Sept. 30 with most university units migrated into this latest web template. Websites in older web templates, including faculty profile websites, will be migrated over the next several months. Continuous design improvements will also be implemented to stay current with ever changing digital trends. 

Phase two: new CMS

The second phase will see websites currently on the Site Builder content management system (CMS) move to a new system called Terminalfour, which will provide new features and functionality to approximately CMS users. Examples of new features include inline or direct page editing, ability to easily upload and resize images, improved web analytics, search engine and other content optimization tools. 

Terminalfour was piloted with the Marine Institute and QEII Library websites and found to be well-supported by the vendor. Learn more about the transition to Terminalfour