We’re a diverse team of professionals with wide-ranging backgrounds and skills who have the shared goal of telling Memorial’s story in a creative and compelling way digitally and through print and video. We are guided by the university’s strategic priorities and focus our efforts where we can have the greatest impact.

We help the university engage audiences creatively through storytelling and supporting on social media our pan-university channels, including the website, the Gazette news site, Luminus alumni magazine, among others. Our focus is typically pan-university, but being based on the St. John’s campus we do have a secondary role supporting that campus’ marketing needs when possible.

Chances are you’ve seen our work, either on campus or out in the wild. Whether it is the Sea-Hawks logo on a student’s hoodie or a video about a professor's Arctic research profiled on Facebook -- we’ve likely had a hand in it. 

What we do includes:

  • Marketing planning and strategic counsel
  • Brand management (standards, architecture, nomenclature, visual identity)
  • Web support (e.g. analytics, search engine optimization, CMS training)
  • Website implementation and project planning
  • Creative development
  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • Digital marketing
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Photography/videography

These days we are more data-driven and digitally minded than ever, as new technologies drive change in our university and the higher education sector. In response to these forces, our long-term projects have generally been tied to two themes:

  1. Improving our digital presence (, Gazette, campus maps, Luminus, web content management system, social media etc.)
  2. Generating high-quality content and functionality to attract audiences to our improved digital presence

If you’d like to work with the marketing team please fill out our online request form.

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Our goal is to respond to your request within seven business days – it could be even sooner if your request is for something simple and we’re not fully booked.

If your request is urgent or if you need advice before submitting a services request, reach out to us. We’ll help connect you with the right person to talk to: 
(709) 864-8660