Memorial University of Newfoundland Style Guide

Prepared by Marketing & Communications

This style guide is a reference for the Memorial University community, to assist in journalistic and promotional writings and for communications to the general public.

Our guidelines for capitalization, abbreviation, punctuation, use of titles, non-sexist language and other issues of style come from a few sources. A modified Canadian Press (CP) style is used. The CP Stylebook, along with CP Caps and Spelling, is the general guide. The Canadian Oxford Dictionary is the authority for spelling. Another guideline was the Canadian Council for the Advancement of Education (CCAE) English Language Style Guide.

The spelling and spelling - common problems sections of this document aim to address questions of spelling that come up frequently and lists some of CP’s exceptions to the Oxford spellings.

As well, this style guide deals with items of particular stylistic concern for editors of Memorial publications. Cross references are also listed to assist editors in finding relevant information.