Memorial's logo

The Memorial University logo is a registered trademark and may not be modified in any way without written permission from the Division of Marketing & Communications. Guidelines for using the logo are available in the brand standards manual. Colours, proportions, and fonts may not be modified.

Refer to the instructions below to download and use logos for the following purposes:

Offset / High resolution printing

Logos for use on print materials

Standard logo: 
Use this logo when printing on a white or light background. This zip file has the standard logo as CMYK JPG, CMYK EPS, pantone JPG and pantone EPS files.

Transparent logo:
Use this logo when printing on a dark background or a single, solid colour. The word "university" appears in white in these logos so the logo will stand out against a dark or solid colour background. This zip file has the transparent logo as a CMYK EPS and pantone EPS file.

Black only:
Use this logo when printing in black and white. This zip has the black only logo as a JPG and EPS file.

White / reversed logo:
This logo white and transparent. Use this logo to drop out of a solid and dark background. This zip has the white / reversed logo as an EPS file.

PowerPoint presentations

Logos for use in Microsoft PowerPoint presentations

This zip file contains two logos as PNG files. Use the "standard logo" on a white or light-coloured background, and use the "transparent logo" on slides with dark background.

Web or electronic use

Logos for use on websites

This zip file contains three JPG files named as follows: "small" is 60 pixels wide, "medium" is 130 pixels wide, and "large" 260 pixels wide.

Microsoft Word

Logos for use in Microsoft Word documents 

This zip file contains 4 WMF files: standard, reverse, black only and white /  reversed. Use the "standard" logo on white or light coloured backgrounds, use the "transparent" logo on dark, solid coloured backgrounds, or use the "white / reversed" logo to drop out of a solid colour background. Use the "black only" logo for documents intended to be in black and white.