Memorial's brand

At its core, a brand is a promise, based on a set of values. Components such as logos, campaigns, promotional materials and daily interactions between faculty, students, staff and alumni are manifestations of the promise—one that is true to who we are as an institution; unique when compared to other universities; and salient, such that our constituents will be engaged by our promise:

Memorial is the natural place for people and ideas to "become."

One of our brand goals is to capture and express a singular, compelling idea about Memorial that will engage our audiences, enhance profile and reputation, and help advance the university’s position locally, nationally and internationally.

Memorial’s uniqueness emanates from the resourceful, tenacious, independent character and spirit of the institution, its people and the province, characterized by:

  • Ingenuity—because there’s a need
  • Exploring—because we have the opportunity
  • Solving problems—because they get in our way
  • Freedom—because we have a safe, supportive environment
  • “A culture of doing, of ability” and “striving and independence and grit,” as two stakeholders said during the brand consultation sessions in 2005.
Brand Positioning

The notion of brand positioning represents how an organization wants its constituents to see them and talk about them—how the brand is ‘positioned’ in the hearts and minds of key audiences. Our positioning statement is:

Memorial provides the freedom to explore and experience your ingenuity.

Both accurate and aspirational—key requirements for brand positioning—this statement provides the focus for all institutional marketing efforts, though this exact wording does not appear in any ad or brochure.

What the positioning statement says about Memorial:

  • It’s core to how we approach learning, teaching, research and public engagement
  • It’s reflected in the breadth and flexibility of our offerings
  • Our ingenuity and resourcefulness demand it
  • Our supportive and safe environment makes it possible
  • It’s true to our history, our character, our spirit as a place and a people

With more than 90,000 alumni in virtually all fields of endeavour, Memorial University is a place where ingenuity and creativity are uniquely fostered.

Find out how we will tell our story to people throughout the province and around the world by exploring this website.

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