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Linguistics graduate courses: Winter 2023

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Principles Lang Acquisition (LING 6150)

Course description forthcoming.

Advanced Phonology (LING 6203)

This course addresses current issues in phonological theory. Topics include segmental and prosodic representations, as well as advanced issues in Optimality Theory and other constraint-based approaches to phonology. Students will further develop their ability to analyze phonological data in light of current theories. Students will also do independent research on some aspect of phonological theory.

Sociolinguistics (LING 6210)

This class provides a thorough grounding in variationist sociolinguistic principles and methodology underlying current approaches to language variation and change. Students will develop an empirical foundation for examining major issues related to language variation and change. The course will build on key concepts introduced in LING 2210 & 3210, engage students to think critically and creatively about how language data is acquired and analyzed by implementing a variety of analysis procedures, including multivariate statistics, and introduce ways that language variation has been examined in formal linguistic theories.

Field Methods (LING 6500)

Techniques of data collection and analyses of an unknown language in a simulated field situation. Includes methods of elicitation, data filing, and hypothesis formation and testing.