Admission to HKR degree programs is limited and competitive. Not all eligible applicants will be offered admission to their HKR program(s) of choice. Under normal circumstances, it would be the higher of a current Memorial student's cumulative average or the average on the last 30 credit hours that would be used for the competitive HKR admissions review.

Among the options being considered is to base the competitive HKR admissions review on completed courses with available numeric grades. In that situation, a student's choice of ABS or a grade of PAS for a Winter 2020 course or courses would have no impact on the competitive review for HKR admission.

This is an unprecedented situation, and some of the 2020 HKR admissions decisions that will arise from the impact of COVID-19 repercussions have not yet been made.

We know how eager applicants are for updated admission information. Please bear with us and stay in touch.

Application for admission or readmission to programs in the School of Human Kinetics and Recreation should be submitted online in one of the following ways:

  1. Current or returning Memorial University students can apply through Memorial Self-Service
  2. New students need to apply to Memorial

The application deadline is March 1. However, the deadline for application for readmission, for students who were previously admitted to a School of Human Kinetics and Recreation program, is June 1 for the Fall semester, October 1 for Winter, and February 1 for Spring.

Please note:

  • All programs of the School begin in the Fall semester.
  • Entry to programs offered by the School is competitive for a limited number of placements.
  • Applicants to Physical Education must submit a current first aid certificate, and proof of swimming ability (Red Cross Level 8 or equivalent, or completion of a swim test administered by the School).
  • In addition to meeting the university's regulations, students must meet the School's admission/readmission regulations.

For students applying to the BPE, you will need to submit a statement as part of the application process to provide further insight into your:

  • Intent in applying to the Bachelor of Physical Education program
  • Writing and communication skills
  • Personal and professional accomplishments and experiences
  • Educational goals and expectations from the program

The statement (max 250 words) will address the following:

1. Experiences of teaching and learning

a. Describe a specific experience of teaching that you feel has given you insight into becoming a teacher. This experience may involve you or someone else as the teacher.

b. Describe a specific learning experience that you feel has given you insight into becoming a teacher. This experience may involve you or someone else as the learner.

2. Demonstrating a commitment to leading a physically active lifestyle OR outlining personal experience in/of movement.

A Bachelor of Physical Education degree requires students to be proficient in numerous domains. How have your previous experiences and background prepared you to excel in the areas of social science, exercise science, and movement/physical activity? To address this question, you can discuss your experiences in recreational and/or competitive physical activity pursuits.

3. Understanding of diverse learners

Today’s classrooms are places where students and teachers of diverse backgrounds work together. Outline your understanding of the assets of such diversity* and the challenges you may face as a teacher in meeting your students’ needs.

*Think about diversity in terms of difference according to: gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, ability, social class, and other similar categories. You may choose to address one or more of these categories in your responses.


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