International SOS

Memorial has partnered with International SOS, an international travel medical and security service. All Memorial University members (students, staff, faculty) on university sponsored trips are eligible for International SOS coverage. We encourage you to review the content and services on the membership portal page and download the Assistance App prior to departure. 

Users can use the International SOS Assistance App using Memorial’s Membership number: 27AESP913660

International SOS provides:

  • 24/7 on call assistance with general medical and security questions, or emergent concerns
  • Call directly or through the Assistance App
  • Medical and security information and advice prior to and during travel
  • Support in case of a medical or security incident or emergency during travel
  • A platform on which travelers can sign up for health and security email alerts specific to their trip location

If you are traveling internationally, please print and carry an International SOS card, available in the International SOS portal. Should you encounter difficulties or problems while traveling abroad, contact International SOS per the instructions on your membership card. International SOS will work to meet your needs immediately and will contact Memorial University on your behalf if necessary.

Some of the International SOS or third party services (eg Medical, dental care etc.) carry additional charges. Should you require a service which has an additional charge, International SOS will inform you in advance and may require a personal credit card for these services. International SOS service does NOT replace medical or travel insurance.