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The administration of learning abroad and group study opportunities is largely campus & faculty specific. If you are interested in pursuing an opportunity and you belong to a specific campus (or faculty), please contact the appropriate representative:

St. John's Campus

Faculty or AreaContactEmail
Inbound & Outbound - Humanities and Social Sciences Freya Qi

Outbound - All Other Programs & Faculties, north2north Dayna Vey 
Inbound - All Other Programs & Faculties Kathryn Lear 
Partnerships & Agreements Chris Hibbs 

Grenfell Campus

Faculty or AreaContactEmail
Inbound & Outbound - All Programs & Faculties Nicole Miller 

Marine Institute

Faculty or AreaContactEmail
All Programs MI International 

If you have searched through these pages and still haven't found what you are looking for, please e-mail or call us at your convenience: