Online Resource: MOBI 1000

MOBI 1000 is a set of self-directed pre-departure modules for travellers to support their preparation for study, work, or research for Travel Outside of Canada. All travellers must register individually and complete the modules. MOBI 1000 includes links to important travel resources and topics covered in pre-departure sessions. Travellers are encouraged to refer back to the modules as needed before & during their time abroad.

Please note that MOBI 1000 is NOT a replacement for the mandatory pre-departure session, all student travellers are required to participate in a pre-departure session with the Memorial Go Abroad team and enroll in MOBI 1000 after completing the pre-departure session. Faculty and staff who are travelling on university related trips are not required to participate in a pre-departure session. However, it is highly recommended to enroll in MOBI 1000 two to four weeks prior to departure.