Gender Studies Courses

Gender Studies Courses

Gender Studies 1000.Introduction to Gender Studies -- Is Lady Gaga right? Were we just born this way, or is there something more to gender, race and sexuality? Find out in a course that challenges you to think critically about masculinity and feminity. Credit Restriction: the former Women's Studies 1000 and the former Women's Studies 2000.

Gender Studies 2005.Identities and Difference -- Who are you and why? Explore the complexities of a simple word: identity. Learn how something universal yet uniquely specific to each of us is shaped by and in turn shapes the world we inhabit. Note:  This course qualifies as a Research/Writing Course.  Credit Restriction:  the former Women's Studies 2005.'

Gender Studies 2006Genders and Sexualities -- introduces genders and sexualities from an interdisciplinary perspective. Students will explore the continuum of sex/gender and sexual identities, and examine how these identities intersect with other aspects of identity, including (but not limited to) race, class, and (dis)ability

Gender Studies 3000.Research Methods in Gender Studies -- how is knowledge made? Why does research affect us all? And what does feminism have to do with it? Discover the whats, whys and hows of feminist research, and try it for yourself. Credit Restriction: the former Women's Studies 3000.

Gender Studies 3005.Feminist Texts, Theories and Histories -- What are the egg and the sperm, the second sex, and the master's house? Why, titles of course! Study a wide array of feminist texts. Place them in their historical contexts. Converse eloquently. Prepare to have your head spin (in a good way). Prerequisite: 3 credit hours in Gender Studies at any level. Credit Restriction:  the former WSTD 3005.

Gender Studies 3008. Feminist Practices and Global Change (same as the former GNDR 4005 and the former WSTD 4005) examines, in considerable depth and detail, connections between feminist theories and activism for social and political change on a global scale. it examines how social movement activisms, particularly in their transnational feminist forms, are moviligized in different historical, cultural and geographic contexts; and are increasingly defined by linkages bewteen the local, regional and global/transational.  Prerequisite: 6 credit hours in Gender Studies, cindlugind 3 credit housrs in Gender Studies at the 3000-level. Credit Restriction: the former GNDR 4005, the former WSTD 4005

Gender Studies 3025: Gender, Race, and Post-Colonialsm in Global Contexts -- (Post)co-what? And why use parentheses in that word? Find it confusing? Upsetting? Understand why through engagement with key texts and ideas on the topic. Prerequisite: 3 credit hours in Gender Studies at any level

Gender Studies 4000.Contemporary Feminist Issues -- What are contemporary feminist issues? How are they represented? Why do they matter to everyone -- now? Exchange ideas. Prerequisites: GNDR 3005 or the former WSTD 3005, or GNDR 3025 is required.  Credit Restriction: Credit may be obtained for only one of Gender Studies 4000 and the former Women's Studies 4000.

Elective Courses for Gender Studies

      • Anthropology 4081*, Advanced Seminar in the Anthropology of Gender
      • Education 3565, Gender and Schooling
      • English 3817, Writing and Gender II
      • English 3830, Women Writers
      • Folklore 3350, Folklore of the Body
      • Folklore 3360, Sex/Folklore/Power
      • Folklore 3950, Women and Traditional Culture
      • German 3914, German Women Writers in English Translation
      • Gender Studies 3001/Medieval Studies 3006*, Women Writers of the Middle Ages
      • Gender Studies 3100, Gendered Politics of Health.
      • Gender Studies 3002-3020 (excluding 3004, 3009), Special Topics in Women's Studies.
      • History 2760*, An Introduction to Women's Gendered History
      • History 3200*, Women and Law in NL History
      • History 3780, Women in Medieval Europe, 500-1500
      • History 3813, Gendered History: Women in Newfoundland and Labrador
      • History 3821*, Gender in Canadian History
      • Law and Society 3015, Women and the Law in Canada
      • Law and Society 3200, Women and the Law in Newfoundland History
      • Human Kinetics 3490, Gender in Sport & Physical Activity
      • Human Kinetics 3595, Gender and Leisure
      • Political Science 3140. Feminist Political Theory
      • Political Science 3340*, Women and Politics
      • Political Science 4340, Women and Mass Politics
      • Psychology 2540, Psychology of Gender
      • Psychology 3126, Contemporary Issues in the Psychology of Women
      • Psychology 3533, Sexual Behaviour
      • Religious Studies 2800, Women in Western Religions
      • Religious Studies 2801, Women in Eastern Religions
      • Religious Studies 3415. Warrior, Wife, Witch: Ideal Females and Female Ideals in Hinduism
      • Religious Studies 3800, Representations of Muslim Women.
      • Russian 3004*, Images of Women in Russian Culture
      • Sociology 3420, Sociology of Gender
      • Sociology 4092, Gender and Social Theory
      • Sociology 4210, The Sociology of Child Sexual Abuse
      • Sociology 4213, Sociology of Sexuality.
      • Sociology 4230, Gender and Development


Courses marked with * are not offered on a regular basis. Consult the appropriate department for scheduling information.

Normal prerequisites and waiver policies in the respective departments will apply to the Elective Courses. Some courses may not be offered on a regular basis. consult the appropriate department for scheduling information.


Gender Studies

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