Current Master's Candidates

Current graduate students in Gender Studies are engaged in a broad range of feminist research projects that build on a variety of theoretical and methodological concerns central to Women's Studies. While some are engaged in cultural and media studies, others are taking anthropological, sociological, historical, and literary approaches. Projects are diverse: from resarch into the representation of young mothers, to work on aboriginal women, examinations into AIDS/HIV sexual health education in Africa, and research in the areas of violence against women, polymorphous desire, food security, immigrant religious practices, and autobiographical narratives.

Further details about all current research projects is outlined below.

  • Amoah, Harriet, BA Ghana -
  • Ashick-Stinson, Jillian, BA Laurentian -
  • Bokma, Samantha, BA (Hons) Laurentian - is exploring toxic gaming culture through a case study on the Elder Scrolls: Skyrim that focuses on how game content recreates and challenges social norms and how the content of video games influences players association with "gamer" identity
  • Butler, Lesley, BA Memorial, MA Manchester - is examining the films of Julie Dash through an auto/biographical lens, focusing particularly on how history is (re)written alongside representations of race, place, and the "self"
  • Chowdhury, Sadia, BSS (Hons) MSS (Hons) Univeristy of Dhaka
  • Connolly, Deirdre, BA (Hons) Mount Saint Vincent University
  • d'Eon, Jen, BA Memorial -  is working in coordination with the Blundon Centre to facilitate campus-wide access by exploring universal design practices, the social model of disability, and the availability of assistive technology
  • Emam, Foroughossadat, BA, MA Tehran
  • Fitzpatrick, Krysta, BA (Hons) Memorial, BEd Memorial, MPhil Memorial -
  • Harris, Amelia, BA Concordia
  • Hickey, Gemma, BA Memorial - is examining how religious institutional abuse has impacted the province of NL from an auto-ethnographic perspective through a project/film
  • Jefferies, Daze, BA Memorial - is interested in trans health studies, environmental humanities, oral history and posthumanism
  • Khosa, Simi, BA (Hons) Toronto - is interested in feminist film theory
  • McQuarrie, Sarah,  BA (Hons) Toronto -- is interested in the politics of queer representation, community, identity and the use of queer theory to destabilize identity categories.
  • Miah, Patricia, BA Ghana
  • Mpame, Chloe, BA (Hons) University of Birmingham - is producing a collection of gender-neutral clothes, while using a feminist geographical lens to explore the relationship of clothing, gender identity and spatiality
  • Murphy, Emily, BSc Memorial
  • Tacit, Sam, BA (Hons) Waterloo
  • Tumber, Alana, BA (Hons) Toronto
  • Willis, Samantha, BA, MEd Montevallo
  • Yahn, Miriam, BA Goddard College - is tracking hate speech and bias language on US primetime television, which overwhelmingly targets females, and is examining the connections between hate crimes and hate speech/toxic language, particualry in relation to international human rights laws and protocols, and the cultivation of sociocultural norms through television
  • Zaheer, Ayat, BSc  Peshawar