Faculty with appointments to the Department of Gender Studies are engaged in a diverse range of research activities, from work in citizenship and human rights, reproductive rights and Irish studies to a concentration on auto/biography and life writing, feminist theory, the body, environmental and Aboriginal studies, and postcolonial theory.

Faculty research has been supported by such organizations as the Canadian Institute for Health Research, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, Canada Council for the Arts, Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women, J.R. Smallwood Foundation for Newfoundland and Labrador Studies, and the Ireland-Canada University Foundation, and appears in a variety of articles, books and reports.

Gender Studies

Dyer, Jennifer 
Department Head
Associate Professor
BA Trent, MPhil Memorial, MA Western, PhD Amsterdam
Office:  SN 4084
Telephone:  (709) 864-3322
Email:  jdyer@mun.ca
Research Interests: visual communications; semiotics; media and cultural theory; media aesthetics; feminist and queer media theory; critical communications theory; internet and video art; popular culture and theories of the everyday

D'Arcangelis, Carol-Lynne
Graduate Officer
Associate Professor

BA Harvard, MA Toronto, PhD Toronto
Office: SN 4077
Telephone: (709) 864-2007
Email: carollynneda@mun.ca
Research Interests: Indigenous feminisms; postcolonial feminisms; settler colonial studies, solidarity alliances; critical race theory (critical whiteness studies); social movements (alter/anti-globalization movement); critiques of modernity

Hallett, Vicki
Undergraduate Liaison
Associate Professor

BA Memorial, MA Memorial, PhD York
Office: SN 4075
Telephone: (709) 864-2376
Email: vshallett@mun.ca
Research Interests:  women in Newfoundland and Labrador; life writing as connected to identity and place; feminist post-colonial theory; postmodern theory;  children's literature

Side, Katherine
BPE, BA. McMaster, MA Kent (UK), PhD York
Office: SN 4079
Telephone: (709) 864-6133
Email: kside@mun.ca | https://www.mun.ca/faculty/kside/
Research Interests: Northern Ireland; women; citizenship and human rights; reproductive rights; civil society organising; governance; and rural community sustainability

Del Negro, Giovanna (ON LEAVE)
Associate Professor
BA Concordia, MA Bowling Green State, PhD Indiana
Office:  SN 4072
Telephone: (709) 864-2551
Email: gdelnegro @ mun.ca
Research Interests:  

Doonan, Christina (Gender Studies/Political Science)
Assistant Professor

BA Carleton, MA Carleton, PhD Rutgers
Office: SN 2043
Telephone: (709) 864-7413
Email: cdoonan@mun.ca
Research Interests:  human rights; political theory; public policy; health policy; human trafficking; breastfeeding

Brookes, Alec
Associate Professor
BA University of Toronto, PhD Yale
Office: SN 4074
Email: abrookes@mun.ca 
Research Interests: ecocriticism, literature and cinema, settler colonialism, Indigenous and Marxist feminism, science studies, media studies, Russian studies.

Foster, Jay
Interim Director, Master of Philosophy (Humanities)
Office:  SN 4054
Email: ajfoster@mun.ca
Research Interests:  Philosophy of Science, Ontology


Per Course Instructors

Muchiri, Judyannet
Email:  jwm473@mun.ca  

Lahey, Kate
SN 4080
Email: ksl544@mun.ca 

Snooks, Gina
Email: gds372@mun.ca

Dintoe, Susan

Fitzpatrick, Krysta
Email: s34kcf@mun.ca

Nezhadhossein, Elahe
Email: en4806@mun.ca

Fortune, Kaitlyn
Email: kafortune@mun.ca

Cooper, Mariah
Email: mlcooper@mun.ca

Godbout-Kinney, Keif
Email: kgodboutkinn@mun.ca

Jackman, Michael
Email: z14mdj@mun.ca 


Adjunct Professors

Boon, Sonja
BMus Toronto, MM Indiana, PGRNCM, Royal Northern College of Music, MA Simon Fraser, PhD Simon Fraser
Email: sboon@mun.ca | http://sonjaboon.wordpress.com
Research Interests: auto/biography; feminist theory and the body; women's history; performance studies; history of medicine and the reproductive body


Affiliated Faculty

Dold, Pat
Associate Professor (Religious Studies)
Research Interests: Hinduism; Sanskrit textual traditions; women and religion; gender and religion

Beausoleil, Natalie
Professor (Community Health)
Research Interests: sociology of the body/body image; youth, health and physical activity; arts and health; prevention of disordered eating

Bittner, Amanda
Associate Professor (Political Science)
Research Interests: elections and voting; political psychology; women and politics

Cohen, Linda
Research Interests: feminist pedagogy and research; the sociology and anthropologies of families and health

Connor, Jennifer J.
Professor (Faculty of Medicine)
Research Interests: book and publishing history; history of medical and health discourse; history of North American medicine; history of women and allied health professions

Craig, Ailsa
Associate Professor (Sociology)
Research Interests:

Roseman, Sharon
Professor (Anthropology)
Research Interests: gender and class consciousness; oral history; women's memory practices; feminisms and nationalisms;  gender, language and power

Selby, Jennifer
Associate Professor (Religious Studies)
Research Interests: Islam in the West (especially France and Canada); gender and feminist theory; method and theory of religion; social scientific perspectives

Tenkorang, Eric
Assistant Professor (Sociology)
Research Interests:  population health; gender and marital violence in sub-Saharan Africa; social dimensions of HIV and adolescent sexual behaviours; non-communicable diseases in limited resource settings


Department Administrator

Adi (They/Them)

Office: SN 4082
Telephone: (709) 864-3322
Email: gndr@mun.ca, akhaitan@mun.ca