Breastfeeding on Campus

Policy: Supporting and Accommodating Breastfeeding

Memorial's policy aims to accommodate and support all breastfeeding persons - whether in private or in public. This section lists a few resources that you may be able to utilize when looking for a private breastfeeding space.

The Core Sciences Facility offers a designated "Nursing Mothers room," for people to have a designated breastfeeding space at CSF – 1304.

As an optional space, the Quiet Room CSF-1303 is also available, directly across the hall.


Both these rooms are on Level 1 – Pav A, just inside the Whale Atrium.

Additionally, Intersections, a MUNSU resource centre, offers emergency diapers, pregnancy tests, a private changing/breast-feeding area, and formula (when available). They are located at the University Centre near the Breezeway at UC-1009. 

If you are a student looking for a space right now and the existing space does not meet your needs, please reach out to Student Support at