Gender Studies Courses


Gender Studies Courses

Gender Studies 1000 Introduction to Gender Studies -- Is Lady Gaga right? Were we just born this way, or is there something more to gender, race and sexuality? Find out in a course that challenges you to think critically about masculinity and feminity. Credit Restriction: the former Women's Studies 1000 and the former Women's Studies 2000.

Gender Studies 1005 Identities and Difference -- Who are you and why? Explore the complexities of a simple word: identity. Learn how something universal yet uniquely specific to each of us is shaped by and in turn shapes the world we inhabit. Note:  This course qualifies as a Research/Writing Course.  Credit Restriction:  the former Women's Studies 2005.'

Gender Studies 2006 Genders and Sexualities introduces genders and sexualities from an interdisciplinary perspective. Students will explore the continuum of sex/gender and sexual identities, and examine how these identities intersect with other aspects of identity, including (but not limited to) race, class, and (dis)ability

Gender Studies 2007 Girlhood and Girl Culture critically engages with the expanding contemporary feminist schlarship on girlhood and girl cultures. It consids historical and contemporary constructions of girlhood in primarily Western contexts as they intersect with 'race', ethnicities, sexualities and class. Course materials will be used to explore static and changing dimensions of girlhood, including gender expectations and identities; girlhood as possible sites of power; and claims about the emergence of 'grrrls' and 'new girls.' Credit Restriction: the former GNDR 3002, the former WSTD 3002.

Gender Studies 2010 Masculinities in Critical, Global Perspective engages theories of masculinities from a feminist perspectiv, in a ariety of geographcial and cultrual contexts around the world.

Gender Studies 3001 Medieval and Early Modern Women Writers will study selections from the considerable corpus of women’s writing in the Medieval and Early Modern period, as well as issues which affected women’s writing. All selections will be read in English translation.
Credit Restriction: the former Medieval Studies 3351
Equivalent: English 3006, Medieval and Early Modern Studies 3006, the former Medieval Studies 3006, and the former WSTD 3001

Gender Studies 3005  Feminist Texts, Theories and Histories -- What are the egg and the sperm, the second sex, and the master's house? Why, titles of course! Study a wide array of feminist texts. Place them in their historical contexts. Converse eloquently. Prepare to have your head spin (in a good way). Prerequisite: 3 credit hours in Gender Studies at any level. Credit Restriction:  the former WSTD 3005.

Gender Studies 3008  Feminist Practices and Global Change examines, in considerable depth and detail, connections between feminist theories and activism for social and political change on a global scale. It examines how social movement activisms, particularly in their transnational feminist forms, are mobilized in different historical, cultural and geographic contexts; and are increasingly defined by linkages between the local, regional and global/transnational. All sections of this course follow International Studies guidelines available at  Prerequisite: 6 credit hours in Gender Studies, cindlugind 3 credit housrs in Gender Studies at the 3000-level. Credit Restriction: the former GNDR 4005, the former WSTD 4005

Gender Studies 3015 Indigenous Feminisms in Theory and Practice examines the growing body of Indigenous feminist scholarship that has emerged from North America in recent decades. It looks at a range of theoretical debates and activist practices taken up in this literature, which centers colonialism alongside gender (and other axes of social difference) as an analytic for understanding the lived realities of Indigenous women and their communities.  Prerequisite: completion of GNDR 1000 is advised but not required.

Gender Studies 3025 Gender, Race, and Post-Colonialsm in Global Contexts -- (Post)co-what? And why use parentheses in that word? Find it confusing? Upsetting? Understand why through engagement with key texts and ideas on the topic. Prerequisite: 3 credit hours in Gender Studies at any level.

Gender Studies 3026 Fat Studies introduced fat studies scholarship and fat activism, with particular attention to how fat, fatness, fat bodies and fat as an identity are historically, socially, medically, politically,and culturally constructed in Canada and beyond.

Gender Studies 3100  Gendered Politics of Health examines intersections of gender and health, recognising these to be politically shaped categories that have direct implications for individuals' lives. This course considers the role of individuals, institutions and states in structuring opportunities and challenges related to health. Credit Restriction: the former WSTD 3100. Prerequisite: 3 credit hours in Gender Studies at any level.

Gender Studies 3500 Justice, Politics, Reproduction analyzes key issues related to justice, politics and reproduction with particular attention to the ways that domestic law and politics, in Canada and other transnational locations, shape regulations and social expections and practices.  Prerequisite: complete of Law and Society 1000 and/or GNDR 1000 are advised but not required.

Gender Studies 4000 Contemporary Feminist Issues -- What are contemporary feminist issues? How are they represented? Why do they matter to everyone -- now? Exchange ideas. Prerequisites: GNDR 3005 or the former WSTD 3005, or GNDR 3025 is required.  Credit Restriction: Credit may be obtained for only one of Gender Studies 4000 and the former Women's Studies 4000.

Gender Studies 4001 Methods that Matter Gender Studies -- how is knowledge made? Why does research affect us all? And what does feminism have to do with it? Discover the whats, whys and hows of feminist research, and try it for yourself. Credit Restriction: the former Women's Studies 3000. Prerequisite: 3 credit hours in Gender Studies a the 3000 level or permission of instructor.