Gender Studies helps you to understand the intersectionality of oppression, a skill that allows folks to understand the intricacies of other cultures, races, sexualities and genders. This understanding is essential when working with the public, either in government jobs or as an advocate. (MUN student, 2014)


Gender Studies is an academic area of study that critically examines how gender shapes our identities, our social interactions and our world. Through exposure to interdisciplinary perspectives, students develop a framework for thinking about power relations and the ways that those relations are shaped and challenged by intersecting constructions of gender, race, class, sexuality, ability, age and nationality. Gender Studies examines everyday experiences, social and political institutions, literary and philosophical contributions, and past and present ideas and world events. The discipline provides students with tools to engage with and critically analyze these areas.

Please note that we have updated the undergraduate major and minor programs in Gender Studies, effective Fall 2018. Those students who declared a major or minor in Gender Studies prior to this date have the option of following either the old or new regulations to complete their degrees.

The new regulations can be found here:
The old regulations can be found here:

NOTE:  In addition to completing the normal requirements for a Bachelor of Arts and one of a Major or Minor in Gender Studies, students may elect to complete requirements for the International Bachelor of Arts (IBA). As part of the minimum 120 credit hours, a student may use eligible credit hours in Gender Studies to jointly satisfy other requirements of the IBA degree.  When selecting courses, a student is encouraged to consult with an academic advisor early in the program, to consider Table 2 Possible Course Sequencing for the International Bachelor of Arts (iBA) (First 60 Credit Hours) and to consider Gender Studies courses listed in Table 3 International Studies (IS) Designated Courses.  Up to 12 credit hours in Gender Studies IS courses may be used toward the International Studies (IS) Course Requirement.