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Candidates for the degree of MGS (internship option) will complete a minimum of 18 credit hours as well as an internship. Internship placements are for normally for one semester. Part-time internships of two semesters will require approval from the proposed agency or institution and the Graduate Studies Advisory Committee, Department of Gender Studies.

Students, in consultation with their supervisors and the Gender Studies Graduate Co-ordinator, explore internship options to locate an eligible person to provide field instruction during their internship. The final decision regarding internship rests with the Department of Gender Studies and the Dean, School of Graduate Studies.

Each internship has a Supervisory Committee of at least three members, including the candidate's supervisor, the field supervisor, and Gender Studies Graduate Co-ordinator or her/his delegate.

The Supervisory Committee must meet with the intern and field instructor at least once during the internship period to assess the intern's progress, and to approve any modifications to the internship.

Regardless of the form that the internship takes, there must be a written internship report (approximately 40 pages). The internship report is assessed on a pass or fail basis. A candidate may submit a final internship report only after the Committee has determined that the internship placement has been fully completed.


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