Completed Theses

List of Completed Theses, Projects and Internships, MWS.

Completed Theses

Derraugh, Lesley. "Hegemonic Masculinity and Rape Culture: Negotiating Manhood at a Canadian University," 2017.

Moddle, Courtney. "Knit Together: A Study of Late Nineteenth-Century Knitting Patterns Through Contemporary Eyes and Hands," 2018.

Lovas, Judit. "Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment at L'Oreal: A Critique: Because We're Worth It," 2017.

Mobley, Erin. "Trans- Youth Matter(s): An Exploration of the 'Safe' Space Phenomenon," 2017.

Stuart, Alyse. "De-colonizing Canada: Representations of Identity and the 'Frack'turing of Indigenous Women's Citizenship, 2017.

White, Zaren Healey.  "Surgical Shape-Shifting: Transgender Embodiment in Nina Arsenault's The Silicone Diaries," 2016.

Farahbod, Marissa.  "From Hag to Heroine: The Evolution of the Female Villain in Disney's Forzen and Maleficient," 2016.

Wakeford, Kimberly. "Disavowing Colonialism: The Canadian Federal Government on Missing and Murdreed Indigenous Women," 2016.

Anyemedu, Akua.  "Knowledge and Perceptions of Domestive Violence Services among Women in Ghana," 2016.

Snooks, Gina. "Scripted Skins: (th)inking About Women's Spiritually-Inspired Tattoos as Embodied Life Narratives," 2015.

Leendertse, Nikola. "'Sex on the Go': The Lived Experiences of Mobile Women Sex Workers in Canada," 2014.

May, Sandy. "Teenage Pregnancy & Mothering in the Face of Social Exclusion: Discourse, Phenomenology, and an Affirmation of Positive Maternal Identity," 2014.

Pivi, Ilaria. "Partners of International Students at Memorial University of Newfoundland: A Needs Assessment," 2014.

Sedziafa, Alice Pearl. "Kinship Ties and Marital Violence Against Women in Ghana," 2014.

Khouri, Jessica.  "They didn't know that fat was awesome:  Fat Activism and Fat Community in Toronto, Canada,"  2013.

Young, Christina. "There's More than a Baby Coming Out: A Feminist Phenomenological Examining of Doula Work in St. John's, NL." 2013

Petersson Martin, Kira.  "A Pleasurable and Painful Space: Beyond Maternity and Motherhood," 2013.

Shimmin, Carolyn.  "Mental Illness Stigma and Heterosexual Gender Norms," 2012.

Mckee, Erin.  "Constructing Identity Through Community Radio: Community Building in Newfoundland and Northern Ireland," 2012.

Nelson-Hamilton, Laura. "Growing Together: The Intersections of Food, Identity, Community and Gardening in St. John's, Newfoundland," 2011.

Akter, Nasrin. "The Religious Lives of Immigrant Musim Women in Canada: The Case of Bangladeshi Women in St. John's," 2010.

Baker, Emerance. "Located in the places of creation: Indigenous Women's Location wihin the Academy and Community Imagining, Writing and Enacting Community Survivance," 2010.

Knott, Christine. "Health, Occupation and Community: Social-Ecological Restructuring and Prince Rupert Fish Processing Workers," 2009.

Nderitu, Wanjiru. "Why Do African Women Emigrate? The Experiences of African Women Immigrants in St. John's, NL," 2009.

Tite, Heather. "Constructing Vulnerability: A Feminist Analysis of Health Canada's Population Health Strategies," 2008.

Huang, Xiangrong (Rowen). "Expectations of Love and Marriage in Relationships between Chinese Women and Western Men in Urban China," 2008.

Martin, Nancy. "Neither Mary nor Magdalen: The Fallen Woman, the Dramatic Monologue and the Ninteenth-Century Woman Poet," 2010.

Obah-Adeola, Joy. "Crossing the Sacred Line: Analyzing Reader Responses to Buchi Emecheta's The Joy of Motherhood (1979)," 2007.

Faye, Lisa Marie. "Redefining Farmer: Agrarian Feminist Theory and the Work of Saskatchewan Farm Women," 2006.

Murdoch, Michelle. "Examining for Participatory Action Research Involving Women with Disabilities: Partnership, Perspective and Power," 2006.

Usar, Onar. "Gendering Professionalism: Role of Dress, Space and Female Relationships in the Making of a 'Professional' Woman," 2006.

Hallett, Vicki. "Janus Faced Women: A Search for Newfoundland Identity," 2004.

Mazdafiah, Siti. "Women's Way of Knowing about Childbirth in East Java, Indonesia: A Case Study," 2004.

Fitzpatrick, Laura. "White Picket Fences: Lesbian stories of Kinship Building with their Sisters in Newfoundland and Labrador," 2002.

Grzetic, Brenda. "Between Life and Death: Women Fish Harvesters in Newfoundland and Labrador," 2002.

Hartery, Lynn. "Radical Feminism in Action? A Historical Look at the St. John's Rape Crisis Centre and its Volunteer (1977-1990)," 2002.

Talarico, Frances. "Women in a Southern Italian-Canadian Subculture: Sexuality and Socialization," 2002.

David, Raquel. "Developing a Feminist Autobiographical Practice: An Analysis of Virginia Woolf's Moments of Being and Christa Wolf's A Model Childhood," 2001.

Finney, Danielle. "Sexing Desire: The Construction and Treatment of Female Sexuality in Popular Women's Magazines," 2001.

Weisbart Bellini, Stephanie. The Kitchen Table Talks: Immigrant Italian Domestic Workers in Toronto's Post-War Years," 2001.

Roberts, Ramona. "Voices Outside Law: Canada's Justice System in the Lives of Survivors and Victims of Sexual Violence," 2000.

Kosny, Agnieska. "Women's Perceptions of the Doctor-Patient Relationship," 1999.

MacGregor, Fiona. "Agents of Change: Women Creating Web Pages," 1999.

Marlita, Tita. "A Comparison of Huda Shaarawi's and Kartini's Personal Writings," 1998.

Shortall, Ann. "The Social Construction of Homophobia and Heterosexism in the Newfoundland Education System," 1998.

Adriyani, Nori. "The Making of Indonesian Women Worker Activism in Indonesia," 1997.

Robbins, Nancy. "Images & Realities: Women's Experiences in a Newfoundland and Labrador Fishery Crisis," 1997.

Carpan, Carolyn. "Learning to Live with Endometriosis: A Grounded Theory Study," 1996.

Langlois, Patricia. "Incest, Sexuality and Catholic Family Culture," 1996.

Completed Projects

Sheppard, Amy. "Making up our own moves:  Using dance to explore experiences of the body while incarcerated at the newfoundland and Labrador Correctional Centre for Women," 2016.

Sanchez Diaz, Gabriela.  "Re-Mapping the body: Feminine Experience in Music Performance," 2016.

Dawe, Andrea. "Undressing Pop Culture," 2010.

Hickey, Kelly. "Equality: Reaching for the Transparent Dangling Carrot. In the Words of PSAC Women," 2010.

Morrison, Megan. "Leaving Words Where You Find Them; a story with five women living with dementia in a residential care-home in St. John's, Newfoundland," 2010.

Adams, Christina. "Representations of Identity: Canadian Girls and Popular Culture," 2007.

Devereaux, Danielle. Media and Culture Screening and Discussion Series, 2005.

Lisa Hoffe. "Trailblazing: The Women of Nepal's Trekking Industry" - 2005 Funded by the 'CIDA Awards for Canadians' Program.

Pecfkord, Nancy. "Women and Feminist Organizing during Second Wave Feminsim in Canada: Reflections and Considerations," 2004.


Completed Internships

Quiroga, Lorna. "Weaving the Yrmo: Gendering the Yshiro Territorial Claim in the Paraguayan Chaco," 2017.

Clark, Bridget. "Feminism is Necessary: Interning with the St. John's Status of Women Council on the FemFest NL Organizing Committee," 2017.

Pottie, Emily.  "Feminist Focus: Exploring Feminist Evaluation with Second Story Women's Centre," 2016.

Sheriff, Mimi. "Academic, professional and Personal Experiences Gained from the United Nations Development Programme in Ethiopia," 2012

Power, Lisa. "A Reminder of Reality: Working with Women Involved with the Criminal Justice System." Stella Burry Community Services, 2010.

Kieley, Nicole, "Working with the Violence prevention Initiative within the Women's Policy Office," 2010.

Cardinal, Chantal. "Learning, Practicing and Writing. Feminist Theory Overseas in the Context of Development and HIV/AIDS in Tanzania," Uhakika Kituo cha Ushauri Nasaha (UKUN), Bagamoyo, Tanzania, 2009.

Kennedy, Deborah. "Blending Theory and Practice," NL Sexual Assault Crisis and Prevention Centre, 2006.

MacInnis, Genesta. Prince Edward Island Association for Newcomers to Canada, 2006.

Smith, Michelle. "Feminism: Our Basis of Unity," Provincial Advisory Council on the Status of Women, 2002.

Graduate Diploma in Gender Studies

Barb Flint, 2018


External/Internal Support:

Theses, projects and internships in the Department of Gender Studies have received support from:

A.G. Hatcher Memorial Scholarship; Canadian Association of Independent Living Centres; Canadian Centre on Disability Studies; Students for Development, Canadian International Development Agency; Canadian International Development Agency; Citizenship and Immigration Canada; MUN Graduate Student Union, Special Projects Grant.


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