Sally Davis Award -- Graduate Scholarship

Sally Davis, 1914 - 1998

" Women especially, have been victims of prejudice and discrimination for as long as Canada has been in existence, should be in the forefront to help formulate sound policies leading to a just society for all ."
- Sally Davis, 1977

Sally Davis Award

A scholarship for $750 is awarded annually to a student in the Master of Gender Studies Degree Program in Gender Studies at Memorial University. The recipient is chosen by the Graduate Studies Advisory Committee, Department of Gender Studies, from amongst applicants. Eligible candidates must be full time students in the Master of Gender Studies program.

The scholarship was set up by family and friends in honour of Sally Davis to celebrate her memory, life and work as a feminist, peace, literacy and labour activist, and environmentalist.

Sally Davis devoted her life to campaigning for peace, literacy and the women's movement in Newfoundland and Labrador. She worked with local, national, and international organizations to achieve her goal of equality for all.

Until he passed away in 2004, Dr. Chuck Davis, Sally’s partner presented the award each year and engaged the recipient in conversation about their academic work.

Sally Davis Award Winners

Here are the Sally Davis Award winners for previous years.