Canadian Federation of University Women

The Canadian Federation of University Women has generously made available scholarships (2007-2010) to a female student enrolled in the Master of Gender Studies Program at Memorial University. The recipient will be a female in their first or second year of the program and is awarded based on academic standing and financial need. Applications are normally accepted in February.

The value of the award is $2,000.

2017-2018 Award Winner - Deirdre Connolly

2016-2017 Award Winner - Samantha Bokma

2015-2016 Award Winners -- Marissa Farabod/Courtney Moddle


Marissa Farabod


Courtney Moddle


2014-2015 Award Winner - Erin Mobley

2013-2014 Award Winner - Zaren Healey White

2012-2013 Award Winner - Ilaria Pivi

Barbara Parsons-Clancy, President, CFUW - St. John's, with Ilaria Pivi, April 2013.


Grace Stapleton, Vice-President (Atlantic), CFUW - St. John's, with 2008-2009 recipient Nancy Martin and 2009-2010 recipient Andrea Dawe.


Past Recipients

Ilaria Pivi, 2012-2013
Christina Young, 2011-2012
Kira Petersson-Martin 2010-2011
Andrea Dawe, 2009-2010
Nancy Martin, 2008-2009
Sandra May, 2007-2008


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