• 2020 Honour Award for the Strength and Conditioning Society
  • 2015: Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) Honour Award
  • 2015: Memorial University Research Professorship
  • 2014:National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) WJ Kraemer Outstanding Sport Scientist Award
  • 2012: Memorial University Dean of Graduate Studies Award for Service Excellence
  • 2006: President’s Award for Outstanding Research: Memorial University


Recent projects

Does applying a topical pain reliever before or after treatment of muscle strains/spains or joints reduce pain for more effective treatment?

For rehabilitation after an injury, appropriate stressors to promote training or recuperative adaptations to the affected muscle and soft tissue needs to happen. But pain might get in the way of that. Dr. Duane Button and I are looking at whether pain can be minimized with a topical analgesic so other treatments, and therefore rehabilitation, can happen faster. (Sponsored by the Hygenic Corporation)

Is the Theraband stretching strap effective at increasing flexibility using dynamic versus static stretching?

There are some tried and true stretching techniques to improve one's range of motion. One of these is a nervous system technique that isolates certain muscles. But you need a partner to use this technique. Dr. Duane Button and I are looking at whether (and how) a Theraband stretching strap might allow people to do this effective stretching on their own. (Sponsored by the Hygenic Corporation)



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