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HKR goes global

Dr. David Behm pinpoints one of many international locations of the School of Human Kinetics’ collaborations.

By Michelle Osmond

Dr. David Behm has a map outside his office with several different coloured pins in it spreading across the globe. It’s a record of the international and national collaborations that researchers in Human Kinetics and Recreation (HKR) have taken part in, and includes Turkey, Tunisia and Hong Kong, just to name a few.

These researchers are in the business of movement and their research is no exception.

“HKR has so many international collaborations because our research is applied science that relates to many aspects of society and the world,” said Dr. Behm who is HKR’s associate director of graduate studies and research. “Not only does our work appear in higher impact scientific journals but we are regularly featured in popular health magazines like Men’s and Women’s Health, Runners World and others.

“This exposure expands our scope of influence and raises our profile in the international community.”

This academic year Dr. Behm will be adding a few more pins to his very colourful map.

But there will also be some outmigration. In September, Dr. Fabien Basset will travel to South Africa to work with world renowned scientist Dr. Tim Noakes, a South African professor of exercise and sports science at the University of Cape Town. He is the author of the book Lore of Running, which is described in one editorial review on as “not only the biggest and best running publication on the planet. It's the one book every runner should own.”

In addition, Dr. Behm will be travelling to Zurich, Geneva and Bern, Switzerland as well as Dijon, France to give a series of symposiums in November. The conferences and symposiums focus on Instability Resistance Training Effects and Mechanisms. Dr. Scott MacKinnion is travelling to Aberdeen, Scotland in September as an invited speaker at the UK Search and Rescue Organization. He’ll be talking about research informed policy and practice. Dr. MacKinnon is also travelling to Sweden in the fall, collaborating with colleagues at Chalmers University on human error, fatigue and simulation in maritime industry.

HKR research

New researchers from around the world will be visiting the School of Human Kinetics and Recreation to take part in some amazing research, collaborating with Memorial researchers and enjoying the Newfoundland culture. They include:

  • Dr. Adeogun Femi from Nigeria who will spend his sabbatical here next year.
  • Dr. Eric Drinkwater, a researcher from Australia and Memorial alum, will be here for the month of December for research collaboration. He teaches at Charles Sturt University in New South Wales, Australia where his research focuses on exercise and sport science concentrating on strength and conditioning training for athletes. Dr. Drinkwater first attended Memorial in 1990 working towards being a physical education teacher and returned in 1998 to study exercise physiology as a graduate student.
  • Dr. Jeff Willardson from Eastern Illinois University will be here to learn about electromyography, a device for recording electric currents from an active muscle. Dr. Willardson teaches kinesiology and biomechanics and his work has been cited in magazines such as Muscle and Fitness, Shape and Men’s Health.
  • Professor Mario DiSanto from Argentina comes every January for Memorial’s facilities that his university does not have. DiSanto is Head of the Chair of Gymnastics III and IV at the Instituto del Profesorado de Educación Física in Córdoba, Argentina.