Early Warning Systems


Alarm flooding is a major safety issue in today’s processing facilities. Important recommendations are available for alarm management; however, they are often violated in practice. As a sustainable development theme is pursued by modern process industries, the demand for an advanced, safer, and more effective alarm management system is desired, especially in dealing with safety, security and process integrity issues, as stipulated in ISO-9000 standard. Poor alarm management is one of the leading causes in industrial incidents. An effective process alarm prioritization and management system is desired for a safe and effective operation of a process facility.

Objectives and Areas

The main objective of SREG is to address the main issues related to alarm systems – the reliability and the prioritization. Main research areas includes:

  1. Grouping the process variables and assigning alarms to them with the purpose of reducing the number of alarms.
  2. Developing a quantitative risk-based systematic annunciation, prioritization and analysis of warnings.
  3. Multi alert voting system based on sensor redundancy approach to improve the reliability.

Principal Research Lead:

Faisal Khan

Research/Team Lead:

Salim Ahmed

Group Members:

Mohammad Islam Miah, PhD Student
Md Alauddin, PhD Student
Arko Ghosh, M.Sc Student
Mohammad Zaid Kamil, M.Sc Student
Jannatul Naeema, M.Sc Student

Related Publications:

  1. Chang, Y., Khan, F., and Ahmed, S. (2011). A risk-based approach to design warning system for processing facilities. Process Safety and Environmental Protection, 89(5). 310 –316.


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