Introducing the Journal of Safety in Extreme Environments

Oct 2nd, 2018


Introducing the Journal of Safety in Extreme Environments

We are proud to introduce a new interdisciplinary peer-reviewed Journal with Springer titled "Safety in Extreme Environments: People, Risk and Security." The journal is related to C-RISE research and activities and will focus on safety, risk, and resilience in extreme environments. The editor-in-chief will be our very own director Dr. Faisal Khan.

The first call for papers will take place at the end of 2018 with the first publication in 2019. A second issue of the journal will invite exemplary papers presented at the 4th Symposium and Workshop in July 2019.

Here is a bit more about the aims and scope of the journal:

The aim of this international peer-reviewed journal is to provide an interdisciplinary platform for safety related aspects of human activity in extreme environments. It thereby enables researchers, professionals, students, decision makers and safety responsible from different areas to identify common problems and challenges and helps solving them.

Extreme environments are often characterized by high or excessive exposure to cold, heat, pressure, vacuum, voltage, corrosive chemicals, particle and electromagnetic radiation, shock, moisture or contamination. Remoteness, isolation and extreme working conditions together with a high degree of uncertainty often come along with these conditions. Human activities in those extreme environments, such as polar regions, space, deep sea, high altitudes and deserts, require therefore a special focus on the safety and the risk of such activities. . It is therefore necessary to stimulate cross-disciplinary research and collaboration to develop new knowledge and share information for safe human activity.

The journal invites original research, reviews, short communications and case studies from different disciplines such as engineering, natural sciences, medicine, psychology, social sciences and resource development. A special focus is given to the field safety of human activity in extreme environment. Due to its unique content, the journal serves as important source of information for researchers, professionals and decision makers in the fields of polar operations, space, offshore, military, deep sea and high altitudes.