EASC 499B - Dissertation

Requirements for Registration in EASC 499B

  1. Successful completion of EASC 499A.
  2. Written confirmation from the thesis supervisor and the independent second reader that the student can complete EASC 499B in the allotted time. If all analytical data needed to complete the thesis were NOT submitted in the data file (point 3, above), then admission into EASC 499B must be fully justified by both the supervisor and the second reader. The alternative would be to require the student to wait one semester before registration in EASC 499B, to allow insertion of all required data into the file.
  3. Permission of the Head (or delegate), whose decision will be based on evidence that the prior two requirements have been met.

Requirements for Successful Completion of EASC 499B

  1. A final draft of the thesis should be submitted to the supervisor and corrections made before formal submission. Following this, the student must then submit two unbound copies of the thesis to the Manager of Academic Programs for examination no later than three weeks before the end of the semester. Students who do not meet this deadline will be given a failing grade for EASC 499B. Extensions will be granted only under exceptional circumstances, documented in writing to the Head and subject to the same conditions for deferrals of a final examination.
  2. The thesis must be in acceptable format, based on the guidelines given below. A well-written B.Sc. thesis will not normally be more than 60 pages in length (excluding figures, tables and appendices, but including bibliography). Excess length may imply poor writing style and/or inappropriately focused thesis topic and will affect the final grade.
  3. The thesis will be graded by the supervisor and by a second independent reader. This will normally be the same person who acted as second reader for EASC 499A. Their comments will be returned to the students so that corrections can be made. In addition to scientific content, the grade may reflect the examiners' assessment of organization, writing style, grammar and spelling. All theses will be reviewed by a departmental Thesis Normalization Committee who will recommend a final grade to the Head.
  4. The corrected thesis must be submitted to the Manager of Academic Programs, along with a signed release form, before the end of the examination period. No grade will be submitted to the Registrar, nor will course credit be given, unless the corrected thesis is submitted by this date. Two high-quality copies must be submitted with the original photographs, etc. One copy for the University library must be unbound, while one copy for the departmental reading room must be inexpensively bound in cardboard covers by staple and tape. Note that the degree will not be conferred until the required corrections have been made.