EASC 499A - Dissertation

Requirements for Successful Completion of EASC 499A

  1. Submission to the Manager of Academic Programs, one month into the semester, of a one-page summary outlining definition of the research problem and scope of the thesis. The summary will be written in consultation with the Supervisor. The Manager will forward the summary to the second-examiner of the thesis for evaluation. The summary must clearly address:
    • The scientific purpose of the study (what are you trying to accomplish, the scientific aim(s), the scientific questions to be addressed),
    • The approach, the methods, the type(s) of data that are going to be employed to address the purpose and questions sought, and
    • The broader context of the proposed study (i.e., what might be some implications of the results?)
  2. Completion of Chapter 1 of the thesis, consisting of thesis title, definition of the problem to be addressed, nature and scope of the thesis, methods to be used, review of pertinent literature and geological setting (if appropriate) and relevant figures. This chapter should not normally exceed 15 pages of text, in standard thesis format. It may be revised (and should be) as part of the final write-up of the thesis.
  3. Completion of a description of the analytical methods used in the study (could be part of Chapter 1 or 2). This section should not normally exceed five pages of text, in standard thesis format, and may also be revised for the final version.
  4. Submission of a file containing rough copies of all data needed for completion of the thesis (e.g., chemical analyses, core descriptions, seismic profiles, paleomagnetism measurements, etc.). This file will be returned to the student after grading of EASC 499A. An incomplete dataset is acceptable under exceptional circumstances, such as equipment breakdown. In this case, a written explanation to the Head should accompany the data file.
  5. A timetable for completion of EASC 499B, including dates of anticipated completion of all chapters, and date for thesis submission (see submission deadline in the University calendar - three weeks before the end of the semester) must be included.
  6. The student must submit to the Manager of Academic Programs two copies of all materials for grading no later than three weeks before the end of the semester. A single sheet checklist of required items must be signed in confirmation by both student and supervisor (see below “Submission Form for EASC 499A). Students who do not meet this deadline will be given a failing grade. The grade for EASC 499A will be based on an assessment of the materials submitted to satisfy points 1, 2 and 3 above. In addition to scientific content, the grade may reflect the examiners' assessment of organization, writing style, grammar and spelling with respect to points 1 and 2. The assessment will be made by both the thesis supervisor and an independent second reader, normally a faculty member in the Department of Earth Sciences. The grading criteria for the submitted text will be the same as for EASC 499B.