Contact, Schedules, and Rates

How much does electron probe microanalysis cost?

The facility is primarily made available to academic students and research. The hourly academic rate for instrument use is $25 on weekdays and $15 for evenings and weekends. Evening and weekend use of the electron microprobe assumes the student or researcher has been approved to operate the instrument. Approval is on the basis of prior instruction and experience; Wanda Aylward is available for instruction, sample preparation, and setting up the Cameca instrument.

What is the EPMA Facility's relationship with industry?

Because practical and technological applications inspire our students, we recognize a need for, and encourage relationships with local industry. However, as an analytical facility amongst commercial facilities which offer similar services, we have to be respectful of commercial rates. We therefore encourage you to contact us for discussing analytical rates relative to long term benefits.

What does sample preparation cost?

For long term projects and because a conductive coating is generally all that's required, these costs can be absorbed into the instrument's hourly rate. A carbon coater is available for use in the electron microprobe lab.

Who is in charge of scheduling?

If and until we create a web-based calendar, scheduling your project is accomplished by contacting the facility's principal investigator (see below).


Wanda Aylward, EPMA Facility's Principal Investigator
For rates and scheduling, phone (709) 864-3076/6105, or e-mail at