Where We Are

Prior to our moving into our new Earth Sciences building, all our equipment was housed in a 3600 sq.ft building approximately 4 miles from campus. The building was located in a magnetically quiet area and was constructed using only non-magnetic materials.This building was officially opened by Sir Edward Bullard on February 21, 1971, and was the center for paleomagnetic and rock magnetic research at Memorial University.

Since 1990, our laboratory is located in Room ER4025 of the Alexander Murray Building on the campus of Memorial University of Newfoundland, in St. John's, NF, Canada.

This building, which was financed through the Canada-Newfoundland Offshore Development Fund, opened in 1990 as the home of the Centre for Earth Resources Research and the Earth Sciences Department. The Alexander Murray Building has office and laboratory space to accommodate visiting scientists working on collaborative projects with the department and CERR.

Should you come and visit us, we would be very happy to show you the research equipment which is available to students and faculty:

  • CTF cryogenic magnetometer
  • Schonstedt spinner magnetometer
  • Schonstedt thermal demagnetizer
  • Schonstedt alternating field demagnetizer
  • Sapphire Instruments magnetic susceptibility bridge
  • 3000G 3-axis AC demagnetizer
  • 8000G Varian DC magnet
  • plus an assortment of 'unique' (i.e. in-house design) research equipment