Dr. Duncan McIlroy - Research

Current Research

My research group is strongly focussed on the Ediacaran to Cambrian of the ancient terrane of Avalonia which includes the rocks of southeastern Newfoundland, England and Wales.


Our research centres on the Ediacaran of Newfoundland, which is considered from a number of different perspectives:

  • Palaeobiology of the Ediacaran Biota
  • Taphonomy and biostratinomy of Ediacaran macroscopic organisms
  • Sedimentological/Palaeoenvironmental context of the Ediacaran fossils

In collaboration with our colleague Dr. Jack Matthews from the University of Oxford, we are are also working on several aspects of the geoconservation of the many important fossil sites of the Bonavista, Burin and Avalon Peninsulas of Newfoundland.