Student Research

Student research plays an important but perhaps somewhat unconventional role in my research program. A portion of the student research that I supervise is directed toward my core research but a significant amount of student research is directed toward exploring research areas outside of the core. This approach to student research allows both expansion of the core program and an opportunity for students to explore a research topic of their own interest. It also tends to keep me on my toes. I tend to co-supervise students in recognition of ongoing collaboration with scientists at MUN and other places.

PhD Students

Richard Wright 2001- present Co-supervised with Dr. David Lumley

Time-lapse Seismology Applied to the Hibernia Oil Field - PDF 47 MB

Kebebonye Laletsang 1996-2000 Co-supervised with Dr. James Wright

Seismic techniques applied to minerals exploration

Sharon J. Deemer 1993-1999 University of Bergen Co-supervised with Prof. Yngve Kristoffersen

Reflectivity of mafic cumulates as an analog to recognizing magmatic underplates in seismic data

Simon O'Brien 1992-1997 Co-supervised with Dr. Jeremy Hall

Multiple attenuation in seismic data

MSc Students

Grant Lethbridge - 2005- present - Co-supervised with Dr. Rudi Meyer - Reservoir characterization of the Hibernia reservoir in the Terra Nova Field

Deanne Duff 2004- present Co-supervised with Dr. Jeremy Hall - Seismic exploration at the Voiseys Bay mine site

Brad Bonnell 2004 - present Cross-well reflection seismology and statistical mapping to characterize reservoir heterogeneity

Lucky Moffat 2000-2003 Co-supervised with Dr. Jim Wright - Application of seismic beam-forming to exploration for massive sulfides

David McCallum 2000-2004 Co-supervised with Dr. Jim Wright - Problems of processing of vertical seismic profiles in deviated boreholes

Christina Demerling 1999-2002 Co-supervised with Dr. Jim Wright - Imaging of Ore Bodies with Combined Horizontal and Vertical Seismic Profiles

Nichole Evans 1997-1999 Co-supervised with Dr. Larry Lines 3-D coherency cubes and interpretation of faults

Ian Leslie 1993-1995 Co-supervised with Dr. C. Wright - Refraction statics based on generalized linear inversion

Undergraduate Honors Students

Chad Garland - 2005-2006 - Site characterization of the former Wishing Well dump site - seismic refraction investigations

John Scaplen 2004-2005 Site characterization of the Kenmount Road Anglican Cemetery - Controls on shallow groundwater flow

Aditya Pattanaik 2004-2005 The effect of 3-D dimensional geology on 2-D heterogeneity analysis of seismic reflection data

Sean Hayes 2004 Detection of intrusive bodies in 3-D seismic data - Physical model study

Brian Parsons 2003-2004 Evaluation of beam forming for the location of massive sulfide deposits

Mark Tobin 2003-2004 Site characterization of the Kenmount Road Anglican Cemetery - Controls on shallow groundwater flow

Victoria Hardy 2002-2003 Co-supervisor Correlations between Seismic Velocities and Rock Types on the Avalon Peninsula

Christa Burry 2001-2002 A 3-D seismic interpretation of several mechanical packages in the Teapost Dome anticline

Millesa Milley 2001-2002 A 3-D ground penetrating radar survey: Characterizing the scattering effect of glacial tills

Stephen Kearsey 2000-2001 3-D seismic imaging of complex basement structures

Richard Wright 1999-00 Evaluation of effectiveness of 4-D seismic monitoring of production in the Hibernia Field

Andrew Royle 1997-98 Structural fabrics in deep seismic data: Calibration by physical modeling

Jason King 1996-97 Physical properties of eclogites from the Manicougan region.

Shawn Carroll 1995-96 Statistical approaches to interpretation of high-resolution seismic reflection data over tills