Solids Analyses

Carbon-, nitrogen- and oxygen-isotope and compositional analyses for a variety of solid sample matrices including:

  • Carbon- and oxygen-isotope analysis (Thermo Gas Bench II (GB)-IRMS) of:
    • Geological carbonates (aragonite, calcite, dolomite, siderite).
    • Bio-carbonates (enamel, bone, otoliths, shells).
  • Carbon- and nitrogen-isotope and % analysis (Carlos Erba Elemental Analyser (EA)-IRMS and Vario Isotope Cube) of:
    • Biological material (flora and fauna).
    • Low and high % sediment organics.
    • Marine and freshwater organics (collected on filters).
  • Oxygen-isotope analysis (Thermo Thermal Conversion Elemental Analyser (TC/EA)-IRMS) of:
    • Bio-apatite from bone and enamel (as Ag3PO4 precipitates).

Two Thermo Delta V plus isotope-ratio mass spectrometers are connected to these peripherals for isotopic evaluation of standards and samples. Sample preparation before delivery is required and weighing can be done by the user offsite or onsite. Please contact Geert if you have any questions