SIL Contacts and Location

The SIL facility is located in the Earth Sciences Building in two lab spaces (ER4006 and ER5042).

Dr. Geert Van Biesen manages the ER4006 lab, which includes the GC-IRMS, the TC/EA, the Vario Isotope Cube EA, the GC-MSD, the GC-FID/TCD, the GC-FID/ECD, and the Preparative Fraction Collector.

Geert Van Biesen Dr. Geert Van Biesen
Research Laboratory Associate
Phone: (709) 864-4037
Office: ER5028
Labs: ER4006

Dr. Andrea Prentice manages the ER5042 lab, which includes the Carlo Erba EA, TIC/TOC analyzer and GasBench.

  Dr. Andrea Prentice
Research Laboratory Coordinator II
Phone: (709) 864-3217
Office: ER5034
Labs: ER5042