C-CART Contacts


NMR Spectroscopy and General Inquiries

Dr. Céline Schneider

Celine Schneider

Adjunct Professor in Chemistry
Research Laboratory Associate
Email: cmschnei@mun.ca
Phone: 709-864-3134 / labs: x3435
Office: CSF1225
Labs: CSF1224

Mass Spectrometry

Dr. Stefana Egli


Research Laboratory Coordinator II
Email: stefana.egli@mun.ca
Phone: 709-864-3052
Office: CSF1231
Lab: CSF1229


XRD and Materials Characterization

Dr. Jian-Bin Lin

JB Lin

Research Laboratory Coordinator II
Email: J.LIN@mun.ca
Phone: 709-864-2014
Lab: x4556
Office: CSF1227
Labs: CSF1210/1212


C-CART support staff

Adam Beaton

Research Laboratory Coordinator I
Email: abeaton@mun.ca
Office: CSF3304
Labs: CSF1210