CREAIT Contacts

Bruneau Centre for Research & Innovation
Second Floor, Room IIC2015
230 Elizabeth Ave.
Memorial Univserity of Newfoundland
St. John's, NL A1C 5S7

Name  Title Office  Phone
Dr. David Grant Manager of Operations CSF1236 (709) 864-6799
Cathy Perry  Finance and Administration IIC2015 (709) 864-6212
Susan Myler Secretary IIC2015 (709) 864-8251
Aquatic Research Cluster (ARC)
Name  Title  Office Lab Phone
Dr. Jennifer Hall Research Laboratory Coordinator II AX4015 AX4015 (709) 864-2519
Jeanette Wells Research Laboratory Coordinator I AX4000 AX4004/4008/4011 (709) 864-2521
Efe Falana (On-Leave) Research Assistant I AX4007 AX4004/4008/4011 (709) 864-3723
Dr. Ibrahim Abu-Reidah Research Assistant I AX4007  AX4004/4008/4011 (709) 864-3723 
Centre for Chemical Research and Training (CCART)
Name Title Office  Lab Phone Lab Phone
Dr. Céline Schneider Research Laboratory Associate CSF1225 CSF1224 (709) 864-3134  x3435
Dr. Jian-Bin Lin (JB) Research Laboratory Coordinator II CSF1227 CSF1210/1212 (709) 864-2014 x4556
Dr. Stefana Egli Research Laboratory Coordinator II  CSF1231 CSF1229  (709) 864-3052  
Adam Beaton Research Laboratory Coordinator I CSF3304 CSF1210-1229    
Microanalysis Facility (MAF)
Name Title Office  Lab Phone Lab Phone
Dr. Rebecca Lam Research Laboratory Coordinator II CSF1232 CSF1215/1215A (709) 864-3314 x6791
 Dr. Sebastian Kommescher Research Laboratory Coordinator II CSF1230 CSF1214/1215/1215A (709) 864-2911 x6791
Dylan Goudie Research Laboratory Coordinator I CSF1234 CSF1220/1220A/1228 (709) 864-6103 x6790
Glenn Piercey Research Laboratory Coordinator I CSF1226 CSF1222/1223 (709) 864-2714 x2017
The Earth Resources Research and Analysis (TERRA) Facility
Name Title Office  Lab Phone  Lab Phone
Dr. Wanda Aylward  Research Laboratory Associate  ER5015  ER5005/5006 (709) 864-3076  x6105 
Dr. Geert Van Biesen  Research Laboratory Associate  ER5028  ER4006  (709) 864-4037   
Dr. Inês Nobre Silva  Research Laboratory Coordinator I  ER5028  ER5040  (709) 864-4037   
Sherri Strong  Research Laboratory Coordinator II  ER5015  ER5049B  (709) 864-3076   
Dr. Andrea Prentice  Research Laboratory Coordinator II ER5034 ER5042 (709) 864-3217   
Matthew Crocker  Research Assistant I  ER3020C  ER3020  (709) 864-8528   
Autonomous Ocean Systems Centre (AOSCENT)
Name Instrument Title Office Phone
Bethany Randell Large AUV (Explorer) Project Engineer   (709) 778-0769
Sarik Shaikh-Upadhye Gliders & Small AUVs Research Assistant I EN1035E (709) 864-
CREAIT Instrument Systems Administration (CISA)
Name  Title Office Phone
Marc Bolli Manager of Information Technology ER4057B (709) 864-7566 
Ken Langdon Systems Administrator IIC1030 (709) 864-3120